Advantages of Using SQL Server Troubleshooting and Monitoring Tool

We’re now in an industry where people always try to reduce manual efforts and implement whatever automation process they can. SQL server troubleshooting is not a piece of cake that we can troubleshoot very easly and find a resolution. It may take hours to find whether we actually have a issue with SQL or not. Especially when we”re dealing SQL performance issues, there are loads of analysis that we need perform before reaching any conclusion. How to reduce the time, people investing, in this kind of troubleshooting? How to provide support engineers a helping hand to understand the root of the problem with in “no time” ?

Solarwinds came up with an innovative way to monitor your SQL servers with their newer version of Server & Application Monitoring tool (SAM) 6.0.  Download free trail version from hereAppInsight is a new application monitoring technique and this is part of the SAM 6.0 release. I don’t think AppInsight is not just replacement of Applications Templates, however it’s entirely new monitoring concept within Server & Application Monitor. With AppInsight, we can have SQL metrics in one view. This would be very easy to troubleshoot and understand what is going on with SQL databases.  SAM 6.0 delivers very helpful stuff for SQL DBAs. SAM 6.0 is a very comprehensive SQL monitoring engine. Key features of SAM 6.0

 Discovery of hosts of different SQL instances

AppInsight Dashboard and Reports

Integrated Database Details

Easy way to assess Expensive Queries

SQL Performance Metrics

Baseline Thresholds & Correlated Alerts

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