ConfigMgr 2012 Prestage Packages to a Remote DP Using Powershell Script


In SCCM 2007,  I used to ship USB drives with PCK files to different geographical locations to preload the content (packages) on to secondary sites. That was achieved using preloadpkgonsite.exe (The Preload Package Tool) . In SCCM 2012, the above mentioned preloadpkgonsite.exe won’t work. So we should have some another solution. One thing we can utilize is pull DP but my first experience with PULL DP is not very exiting. There is scope of improvement:). I’m going to share very useful script by Ken Smith (PFE). This script is very helpful to preload the packages/content in SCCM 2012 to remote DPs. Read his full post from here.PrestageDP



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