Task Sequence Boot Media Creation from Untrusted Forest DP

In large environments with multiple domains and forests without two way trust, it’s always trouble to get small things working. Following is one of the example. I’ve a primary server and DP with PXE remote site system in untrusted forest. Not able to create  Task Sequence offline boot media from primary server console. It got failed with following error. In this post, we will see “ConfigMgr SCCM Task Sequence Boot Media Creation from Untrusted Forest DP”


Error in Console:

Media creation failed with error message: ‘Unspecified error’ Refer to CreateTsMedia.log file to find more details.

Errors in CrateTsMedia.log:

Cannot connect to remote registry on 'RemoteDPName'' (frequent cause is remote registry service is not running)

Unable to open WMI namespace '\\RemoteDPName\root\default' (0x80070005)

Failed to open to WMI namespace '\\RemoteDPName\root\default' (80070005)

Failed to connect to namespace 'root\default' needed to read remote registry values. The user who creates media has to be local administrator on remote DP on 'RemoteDPName' which contains media content.

Content library location could not be found.

Failed to create media generator (0x80004005)

CreateMedia.exe finished with error code 80004005

It’s obvious that my user account in PSS domain doesn’t have access on remote DP server in untrusted forest.  Now, the question is, how to overcome this issue? Here you go !

Solution :-

1. Create a local admin user on the Remote DP that has the same username and password as the domain user who is running the console on the PSS.

2. Login to Primary server and launch the SCCM 2012 console and create bootable media.

That is it. That resolved the issue. If you’re in same scenario you will be able to resolve the issue and will be able to create Task sequence bootable media with this tips.

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