ConfigMgr SCCM 2012 Content Prestaging Options

I would like to share a blog post written by Jason Sandys about the Content Pre-staging in ConfigMgr with Adaptiva OneSite.This post explains about (a)What is content in ConfigMgr? (b) What is content pre-staging?(c)What are the advantages of pre-staging content? Read full post here. More details about Configmgr (out of box) prestaging option in CM 2012 hereFollowing are the extracts from that blog post.


What is content in ConfigMgr :Content in ConfigMgr is always in the form of a package defined by a designated set of source files; these source files are then made available to the clients using distribution points in ConfigMgr or peer systems once you deploy OneSite.

What is content pre-staging :It is the process of distributing content to each system that requires the content before the system actually requires the content. This ensures that the content is actually available when the local system kicks off an action that needs the content instead of having to download it on demand.

What are the advantages of pre-staging content :Content pre-staging in OneSite comes in the form of a Content Push Policy that combines the following items and parameters:

What:Any (and all) ConfigMgr content (including Applications in ConfigMgr 2012).

Where:Any designated ConfigMgr collections including multiple collections.

When:Any scheduled time including multiple schedules and recurring schedules

How: Content push in OneSite is also “prioritizable” enabling you to set different priorities for different content.

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