SCCM Newly Installed DP is Not Visible in Console RBA Gotcha

Recently, I’ve seen another gotcha of RBA. CM 12 administrator has assigned to “Infrastructure Administrator” security role along with correct security scope for his location. So he has all the necessary rights to install Remote Site Systems and Site Servers under his primary server. He is successfully able to create a Remote Distribution Point that is attached to primary site. However, after successful DP installation, he is NOT able to view / see that remote distribution point (DP) in SCCM 2012 Console. Now what ? Why is he not able to view the remote distribution point which he installed? OK  it’s because of Security Scope. After the installation, CM 2012 will automatically assign Site Systems security scope as “Default”

Do you know where to set the “Security Scopes” for Distribution Points? It’s NOT under Administration –> Site Configuration –> Server and Site System Roles ! However, it’s there under Administration –> Distribution Points.

SCCM Newly Installed DP is Not Visible in Console RBA Gotcha 1

So how to change the security scope ? Request the team who handles the CAS server or Full Administrator of the site to change the Security Scope. So remove the default security scope for the DP and add the required security Scope for that country. Once this is done, the DP will be visible to CM 12 admin who has “Infrastructure Administrator” access.

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