ConfigMgr SCCM Boundaries Which is better IP Ranges or Subnet

MMS 2013 videos will also help you clear your boundary concepts in CM 2012. Steven had a full session on boundary topic. Jason Sandys had mentioned about boundaries in almost all of his sessions. Jason Adams also had couple of discussions about boundaries in MMS 2013. Find our more about “Overlapping Site Boundaries in ConfigMgr 2007 or 2012” .

ConfigMgr SCCM Boundaries Which is better IP Ranges or Subnet 1

Since last few months Configmgr Boundaries has became hot topic in Configmgr community forum/s.  The latest post on this topic is from Saud Al-Mishari Microsoft PFE.  He talks about “how subnets and ranges are used internally by ConfigMgr”. Read the full post here.

There are several other blog posts available about the same topic.I thought of putting all posts related to SCCM Boundary selection topic for easy access.

1. Jason Sandys – IP Subnet Boundaries are Evil – Full Post here (posted on 2nd June 2012).

2. Jason Adams – When not to use IP Address Ranges as Boundaries in Configuration Manager – Full Post here (posted on 1st Mar 2013). Update : Jason has responded to the comments in details HERE

3. Rod Trent – Official Microsoft blog on IP Address Ranges as ConfigMgr boundaries met with instant rebuttal – Full Post here (posted on 2nd Mar 2013).

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