SCCM Download a Custom Report to Find Out All Patches Installed


I’ve seen an excellent custom report which contains rdl file to create a custom report within seconds. This is from none other than Steve Rachui ! We’ve a default report Compliance 5:  Specific Computer which provides the details of all the patches installed on a system via software updates. This report won’t provide the details of patches if you install the patch via standard package.

SCCM Download a Custom Report to Find Out All Patches Installed 1

List of default reports available SCCM 2012 SP1 from here.  So to create this custom report, first of all, you need to enable hardware inventory by selecting a new class Quick Fix Engineering. Let me just warn you before you enable Quick Fix Engineering class.  More details about Quick Fix Engineering here.

Steve talks about using report builder and adding new classes to inventory etc.. in his original post. More details : Modifying a Report to Merge Software Update Deployments with Updates Delivered Through Standard Software Distribution.

Download the RDL from


  1. Whenever I run this RDL it runs into a datasource error. I map the datasource to my own shared datasource but it does not appear to run.



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