Error Creating Minijob to Send Compressed Copy of Package

Recently, I stumbled across a package replication issue and a strange solution. Not able to update an existing package with new source version from Central SCCM ConfigMgr server. However, I was able create a new package and distribute it without any issue. Interesting ? So you will say there could be something in the package content which is causing this issue. I copied the content of the problematic package and created a new package, that was also failing with same error. I’ve tested the replication a with a new package and no luck. Confusing?


When checked distmgr.log on my SCCM ConfigMgr central server, I could see that Central SCCM server distribution manager is searching for a file (.DLT.1) which is NOT present in the “\\ACNSCCM071\sms_cpsd$” location. The interesting point is that .DLT.1 file was not created for any of the packages (if you search the entire folder, you won’t be able to see these type of files).

I tried enabling verbose logs on the server to get more details in distmgr.log. But that didn’t really help. Following are the error I got in distmgr.log at SCCM ConfigMgr server.

The Drive has not changed. Old Source = D:\SMSPKG\CL000363.PK$, New Source = D:\SMSPKG\CL000363.PCK.
Sending a copy of package CL000363 to site H01
Create merged compressed delta file \\ACNSCCM071\SMS_CPSD$\CL000363.DLT.0.2
Delta file \\ACNSCCM071\SMS_CPSD$\CL000363.DLT.1 is missing
Error creating minijob to send compressed copy of package CL000363 to site L01.

Where as successful package replication should have following entries.

Incremented ref count on file \\ACNSCCM071\SMS_CPSD$\CL00035F.DLT.2, count = 3
Setting CMiniJob transfer root to delta \\ACNSCCM071\SMS_CPSD$\CL00035F.DLT.2
Incremented ref count on file \\ACNSCCM071\SMS_CPSD$\CL00035F.DLT.2, count = 4
Decremented ref count on file \\ACNSCCM071\SMS_CPSD$\CL00035F.DLT.2, count = 3
Created minijob to send compressed copy of package CL00035F to site L02.  Tranfer root = \\ACNSCCM071\SMS_CPSD$\CL00035F.PCK.


The issue was really strange and I couldn’t find anything really helpful other then missing .DLT.1 file in the log file. So I thought of restarting the central SCCM ConfigMgr server. Restarted the server and updated the distribution points for the problematic package. Wow !! SCCM ConfigMgr distribution manager started working on the package and it didn’t search for.DLT.1 file, created Mini Job and done. Successfully updated all the DPs with new version of the package. So the resolution was restart. I’m still not sure what was the issue and why SCCM central server was looking for .DLT.1 which was not even existed.

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