Fix – SCCM 1802 Known Issues Configuration Manager

Let’s learn how to Fix – SCCM 1802 Known Issues, Configuration Manager. Microsoft released a couple of updates, rollups, and hotfixes for the latest production version of SCCM 1802. In this post, we will see the SCCM 1802 known issues and how to fix those known issues.

The Video tutorial will help you understand which update rollup you want to install in your SCCM 1802 environment and which one you can skip.

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  1. SCCM 1802 Available Hotfixes
  2. SCCM 1802 Different Client Versions
  3. Video Tutorial – Fix to SCCM 1802 Known Issues
  4. List of SCCM 1802 Known Issues

SCCM 1802 Available Hotfixes

Following are the four(4) hotfixes available for SCCM 1802. These hotfixes could potentially be able to resolve all SCCM 1802 known Issues. You don’t need to install all these hotfixes. If you have not installed any of the following hotfixes, then go ahead & install KB4163547.

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KB4132447 – First Wave- Update Rollup 
KB4163547 – Second Wave – Update Rollup
KB4339794 – HotFix – Windows express installation files are not downloaded
KB4295281 – HotFix – Internet-based SCCM clients can’t scan for updates

KB4342419 (NEW)- SMSExec.exe service terminates unexpectedly

  • For first wave customers, after KB 4163547 Update Rollup is applied, update KB 4132447 may still appear in the SCCM console Updates and Servicing node with a state of “Ready to Install.” This KB can be safely ignored.
  • KB 4295281 is already included in KB 4163547. So, we don’t need to install it separately if you have already installed the second wave update rollup (KB 4163547)
  • Install KB4339794 if you identified a download issue for Windows express updates.
  • Install KB4342419 (NEW)- Install this fix when you have the following The SMSExec.exe service terminates unexpectedly. This hotfix will be available only if you install  KB 4163547 is installed. Note If the update is not listed for a given site, it is not required. This hotfix is only applicable for Server components. There is no need for a client version update.

SCCM 1802 Client Versions

SCCM 1802 known issues can be fixed only with server-side and client-side updates. I would recommend updating client version with latest Update Rollup. Ensure that you upgrade the SCCM client to the latest version before raising a flag that the SCCM 1802 known issue is not resolved after installing the update rollup.

Latest client versions available for SCCM 1802


Client: 5.00.8634.1007 – SCCM 1802
Client: 5.00.8634.1011 – Update rollup – KB4132447
Client: 5.00.8634.1813 – Update rollup – KB4163547
Client: 5.00.8634.1814– HOTFIX – KB 4339794

Video Tutorial – Fix to SCCM 1802 Known Issues

How to fix known issues of SCCM 1802? The only way to install update rollup hotfix in your SCCM environment.

Fix – SCCM 1802 Known Issues Configuration Manager 1

List of SCCM 1802 Known Issues

Following are the documented known issues which are available in the article KB 4163547. I recommend you check the updated DLL files at the bottom of the KB article to find some hints about non-documented fixes of update rollup.

  1. Conditional Access compliance reporting fails for intranet clients if a proxy is required. ComplRelayAgent.log file entries
    [CCMHTTP] ERROR: URL={Intune CA Relay service URL}(GuidKey1={guid},GuidKey2={guid},GuidKey3={guid}, Port=443, Options=31, Code=12002, Text=ERROR_WINHTTP_TIMEOUT
  2. Data warehouse synchronization may be unsuccessful in large environments. The Microsoft.ConfigMgrDataWarehouse.log file contains entries that resemble the following:-DATA_WAREHOUSE_SERVICE_POINT Error: 0: {timestamp}: Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data type int.
  3. SCCM 1802 console may terminate unexpectedly after you go to the Script Status node in the Monitoring workspace
  4. Synchronization of Unified Update Platform (UUP) files may time-out on a Central Administration site or primary site. After applying this update rollup, files associated with UUP packages will be downloaded only once to a site server if the same file is already present in the local package source cache.
  5. A multicast operating system deployment task sequence initiated from Software Center is unsuccessful if it is used together with a distribution point configured for HTTPS traffic.
  6. Run Script feature does not work with spaces in the script parameters
  7. The SMSTSDownloadProgram variable does not function as expected in conjunction with applications or software updates. This issue occurs on clients in provisioning mode. It prevents an Alternate Content Provider from being specified in the task sequence
  8. SQL Server replication may be unsuccessful in a hierarchy after a secondary site is deleted and uninstalled
  9. The Application Management option is not available for OneNote for Android when you deploy it in a SCCM and Microsoft Intune hybrid environment
  10. Software Center settings cannot be customized from the SCCM console
  11. Management points cannot communicate with a specified Device Health Attestation service if a proxy server is required
  12. The operating system is reinstalled on an existing SCCM client; If the same host name is maintained that is registered in Azure Active Directory, Conditional Access compliance scenarios may start to fail.
  13. Data Warehouse synchronization may be unsuccessful when it processes inventory summarization
  14. The SCCM client installation may be unsuccessful in a co-management scenario.
  15. If the Enable clients to use a CMG option is set to No in an environment with multiple management points and cloud management gatn use, the SCCM client, cannot process any location service requests.
  16. When you edit nested task sequences, changes that you make in a child task sequence are not automatically reflected in the parent task sequence.
  17. Task sequences may hang and return a status of “Installing” in Software Center on a client
  18. Content may not distribute to a cloud-based distribution point if the package contains several hundred files.
  19. Synchronization of updates to a remote Software Update Point may be unsuccessful if hundreds of files are being imported
  20. The download of express installation files for Windows 10 may time out in some environments
  21. Uninstall content for an application is not updated in the content library
  22. Applications may not install through a task sequence in environments that use a management point that is configured for HTTPS traffic and have a cloud management gateway enabled
  23. After a restart, installing a Windows Feature Update, such as Windows 10 Version 1803, through Windows Software Update Services (WSUS) may be reported as having failed.
  24. When the Add-CMDeviceCollectionDirectMembershipRule cmdlet is used to add a client resource to an existing collection, it may unexpectedly remove nested Include or Exclude membership rules. This causes the collection to contain incorrect clients
  25. After you upgrade to SCCM CB, version 1802, the Export-CMDriverPackage cmdlet may not correctly generate the expected driver package
  26. The New-CMCloudDistributionPoint cmdlet may be unsuccessful, and you receive errors messages
  27. The New-CMCloudManagementGateway cmdlet may be unsuccessful, and you receive error messages.
  28. The New-CMBootableMedia cmdlet does not create correct subfolders. Additionally, the CreateTSMedia.log file contains errors entries
  29. After you connect to a client through a Remote Control session and have the Keyboard Translation feature enabled, the language bar on the client is no longer visible.
  30. The Endpoint Protection Client does not install on Windows 10 ARM-based devices
  31. Internet-based SCCM clients can’t scan for updates after upgrade to SCCM 1802
  32. The SMS Executive Service (SMSExec.exe) terminates unexpectedly when reassigning distribution points in SCCM CB’s current branch, version 1802.


Update rollup for SCCM current branch, version 1802

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  1. HI Anoop,
    When I am trying to install SCCM Hot Fix KB4163547 but it’s showing Gray out if I remember two week ago I ran the prerequisite after that it is showing Gray out.

    I have already tried below step but no luck.

    Restart Sms execution Service & Server restarted twice

    DPMPDownloader log details.

    HasIntuneSubscription: Site has no Intune subscription.

    Could you please help on this ??

    Kush Kumar

  2. Hi Anoop, I don’t have Service connection installed and configured, I want to update the latest (currently 1802) CB version by downloading off line.. share your thoughts..

  3. I complete all prerequisite to sccm and go to install sccm pass all wizard and go to install wizard and begin install sccm but it like stuck “Setting up the SQL Server database” i wait and see this more then 3 hr but nothing happen
    Please can you tell how to fix this issue
    Thank you

  4. Hi Anoop,

    We have SCCM 1802 installed and working since last few years.
    Now last few days Updates are not appearing in Software Center, even deployed and installed.

    I need your help.



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