How to Install Linux Based Machines as Hyper V Guest


Microsoft started supporting Linux machines as Hyper-V guests long back (Isn’t it?). Have you ever tried this? If you tried and failed to get this working like me, then this is the post for you. World is changing and even Microsoft allow us to build or host Linux servers in Azure. I should admit that installing a Linux machine as Hyper-V guest is not very straight forward process and we don’t have many step by step documentation available in the internet. Altaro (Hyper-V backup solution) and  Eric Siron came up with an excellent huge post on Linux machine deployment scenario with Hyper-V. Eric explained so many challenges and hiccups you may face in this process. Read the full post “Getting Started with Ubuntu Linux Server as a Hyper-V Guest“.Hyper-V Altaro

So, why this guide is on Ubuntu Linux Operating System? Well, Eric Siron wanted a major distribution backed by a commercial operation. That way, presumably, if you get really backed into a corner, you can get some paid assistance.

Some other great tips from Eric on Linux and Windows Operating systems ! if you have done as we’ve been begging you and gotten on board with PowerShell, even a little bit, or even if you’ve got some DOS in you, Linux is a whole lot easier than you think it is. You see, in Linux, everything is either a file or something that holds a file. Think about a Windows program. You have to install it, which creates two dozen files in eight directories and sixty to a hundred registry entries in every branch. Then you have to run one of its exe files. Or maybe a com file.


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