How to Recover SCCM CB Primary Server Using SQL Database Backup

Video Tutorial will help you to understand How to backup and recover SCCM CB primary server with SQL Full Backup


In this post and video tutorial, I will demonstrate “How to Recover or Restore SCCM CB 1606 Primary standalone Server Using SQL Database Backup”. So the important point over here is “SCCM CB full backup” is not required for restoring your SCCM CB primary server. Rather, you can restore or recover the primary site server from SQL backup and CD.Latest folder backup (along with package source folders, WSUS folders/DBs etc…). I’ve another 3 posts and videos related to SCCM ConfigMgr Current Branch backup and recovery options. You can refer to those posts from here.

I used Intune hybrid setup in this scenario and after the recovery SCCM CB primary site, you need to remove the Intune subscription from console and add it backup. Otherwise, the log files – CloudUserSync.log, DMPUploader.log and DMPDownloader.log will be filled with “Certmgr has not installed certificate yet, sleep for 1 minutes.” and the SCCM won’t be able communicate with cloud components. Also, there is no need of re enrollment of mobile devices after the recovery process.

The installation of SCCM CB standalone primary server should be done from CD.Latest folder (p.s – this is because we are doing recovery of the server). I used native SQL backup option to from SQL management studio to backup the SQL DB. And once the recovered server OS is up and running with all the prerequisites(ADK, WSUS, SQL), I restored the SQL DB using management studio from SQL full backup file. All these processes are explained in the below video tutorial.

Also, make note of “post recovery” process apart from removal and addition of Intune subscriptions. You need to make sure that all the accounts which are configured in SCCM ConfigMgr CB console should be removed and added back. If there is any hotfix installed on the SCCM CB server then we need to install the same hotfix after the completion of the recovery Wizard.

Following are the prerequisites which we need to follow during the recovery process SCCM CB primary server :-
Hostname Should be same :
Drive Letters should be same :
Installation Path should be same:
Should have same patch level:
Better to have the same IP:
All the prerequisite apps should be installed:
SQL Databased is already restored (manually):


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