How to Improve Overall Health of Windows System along with SCCM Client

SCCM/ConfigMgr is a beast and is a proven solution to manage Windows environment efficiently. But SCCM environment to work properly, you need to make sure that your SCCM clients are healthy. How do you make sure all your clients are healthy? Honestly, it’s not a very easy task to ensure the health of the SCCM clients. It’s not very easy task because SCCM client health has depended on loads of Windows core components. For example, when your Windows core components like WMI is not healthy then, obiviously SCCM client can’t be healthy.

SCCM client includes a tool called CCMEVAL to fix the standard predefined client issues, but it can’t fix all the complex Windows health issues. You can also try to edit the XML file which comes with CCMEVAL tool to include additional health check for SCCM clients, but that is entirely unsupported by Microsoft. How to fix these all complex and dynamic Windows device health issues in a corporate environment? Adaptiva has a solution for this called Client Health 6.0, and it comes with some excellent out of box Windows client health solutions to fix any of the complex issues.

How to Improve Overall Health of Windows System along with SCCM Client 2

Also, by default, we don’t have extensive in-depth device health and security reports for Windows client. The Client health solution helps to resolve this problem as well with out of box reports like All Machines Summary Dashboard, Individual Health Check Summary Report and Last Health Check Execution Status Reports. Following are some of the out of box solutions you will get as part of Adaptive Client Health Solution. In this post, I will cover all these points in details:-

Check and Repair the SCCM Client Agent
Check and Repair Anything and Everything
Visual WorkFlow Designer and Engine
Advanced reporting

Check and Repair the SCCM Client Agent

SCCM includes a tool called ccmeval that has a number of built-in health checks primarily focused on the health of the SCCM client itself. Adaptiva Client Health is focused on the heath of the Windows system itself—not just the SCCM client. Client Health can do much more than ccmeval regarding the status, configuration, and health of the SCCM agent. However, Client Health can also identifying, diagnose, report and report on all sorts of client health issues enterprise-wide.

It comes with more than twice as many health checks and remediation’s, covering areas such as:

  • Instant inventory
  • Network configuration
  • Operating System
  • PowerShell
  • Security
  • Software licensing
  • System performance
  • WMI
  • BITS

How to Improve Overall Health of Windows System along with SCCM Client 3

Check and Repair Anything and Everything

While the native checks in SCCM can repair common issues with the SCCM agent itself, Adaptiva’s Client Health has no limits. It is designed to detect, isolate, and remediate issues with:

  • Services running, and startup type (any services)
  • Settings and files on any machine
  • Application configuration (any application)
  • Application running (any application)
  • Antivirus and antimalware running and up-to-date (any AV/AM vendor’s solution)
  • Any aspect of the Windows OS itself
  • Pretty much anything else

How to Improve Overall Health of Windows System along with SCCM Client 4

Visual WorkFlow Designer and Engine

Adaptiva provides a visual WorkFlow designer and engine to allow administrators to easily create their own health checks and remediations. It lets administrators build custom logic easily with a visual designer. It makes it easy to modify the pre-built health checks, or create new health checks. While no PowerShell is required, it is easy to incorporate PowerShell scripts into health checks

You can execute workflows on the server (not just the client). If desired, you can deliver executable files. By distributing EXEs, you can scale administrative capacity by sharing limited capabilities. Full AD security integration and authentication checks at runtime.

How to Improve Overall Health of Windows System along with SCCM Client 5

Advanced reporting

As noted in the press release for the new Client Health 6.0, Adaptiva gives you access to over 50 built-in reports and 10 dashboards. It provides instant, real-time reporting by collection or machine—across your entire enterprise.

Reference :-

Adaptiva Launches Client Health 6.0 to Instantly Deliver Deep Visibility into Endpoint Health and Security – here

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