Download Intune Configuration Spreadsheet

I’m sharing my Intune design and architecture experience in this post. The Intune Configuration spreadsheet will help you in your Intune design work. For Intune projects, below are the challenges faced by consultants.
  1. Intune has many settings for different OS platforms. How to document these settings.
  2. After implementation, How to hand over Intune configurations to the operations team


In this post, you will go through a template which helps to manage constantly changing Intune settings. I have uploaded the spreadsheet to GitHub so that Intune device management community can contribute updating the spreadsheet.
This template has below worksheets which will cover different settings of Intune.

Overview of the Template

The “overview” worksheet has a matrix for quick navigation. Based on your selection, you will be navigated to appropriate Intune settings. All these settings are cross-referenced.

Intune configuration template OverviewDevice Compliance policy Settings

Device Compliance policy” worksheet covers documentation for the MDM device rules and settings. MDM device must comply with these rules and settings. In this worksheet, OS applicability marked as “X” based on Device Compliance settings.

Intune Device Compliance policy

Device Config policy Settings

This worksheet captures the settings and features that you can configure on MDM devices. These settings are configured via profiles in Intune.

Patch My PC

Intune Device Config policy

MAM- Android (Mobile Application Management) – Policies

MAM settings cover BYOD scenarios like preventing users from saving data to the device from the OneDrive app or block copy/paste, etc.

In this worksheet, Intune MAM settings for Android is divided into two

1E Nomad

(1) Data relocation settings (2) Access settings.

Intune MAM Android

MAM- iOS – Configuration Settings

In this worksheet, Intune MAM settings for iOS is divided into two

(1) Data relocation settings (2) Access settings.

You can Download the Intune Configuration Spreadsheet from the above links.


Windows 10 WIP Policy Configurations

This sheet covers Windows information protection (WIP) settings. These settings are applicable for Windows 10, version 1607 and later.

Windows information protection

Intune Wi-fi Profile Configurations

This sheet covers Wi-Fi profile settings is also part of Intune Configuration spreadsheet.

Intune wifi policy

Intune VPN Profile Settings

Intune Configuration Policy spreadsheet covers VPN profile settings.

intune vpn profile

Windows hello for Business policy settings.

Windows Hello for Business settings included in Intune Configuration Policy spreadsheet.

intune Windows hello for Business

Kiosk Mode

This worksheet template is to document iOS Kiosk mode settings.

iOS Kiosk Mode
Download Intune Configuration Spreadsheet

You can download the template from GitHub or  Technet Gallery