4 thoughts on “Intune Shared Device Mode for Android and iOS Devices”

  1. yes i would also appreciate if you could write up for iOS, as my experience was until now not really good (SSO, manually sign out of used app before hand over device etc) but maybe i forgot something to configure, even i used the published How To’s from Microsoft.

  2. Hi is there any way to set dfferent apps for each user. For example, when User A login and on his/her session the available apps only outlook mobile, after the shift ended she/he sign out from the device. User B shift comes, she/he login to the same device, but the available apps are Teams and onedrive.

    Let me know if you know about this, appreciate if you can answer this. Thank you

  3. Hi – Is anyone lse coming across the issue where it wont auto sign out of the OneDrive app when user signs out of their session, it behaves differently to Outlok, it logs Outlook out fine as I would expect it to


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