Learn How to Perform Rapid Windows 10 Upgrade with SCCM ConfigMgr Configuration Manager

It’s a very common question that what are the unique business values of Windows 10? The costs of device management, password resets, security breaches and corporate data leaks are high.

Windows 10 will address these costs and risks directly with things like Enterprise Data Protection, Microsoft Passport, and Hardware-based isolation. Windows 10 also reduces the efforts and money spent on high deployment, end-user support, and hardware costs.

Rapid Windows 10 Upgrade

Most of the organizations are planning to upgrade to Windows 10, and SCCM infra will perform these upgrade tasks, whether it’s “Wipe and Loads” or “In-place upgrade.”

So the Windows 10 upgrade challenges are still the same – remote DPs, Branch offices at the end of slow WAN connections, User data and setting migrations, etc… What is the best and intelligent way to upgrade enterprise machines to Windows 10?

Adaptiva OneSite is an excellent solution that lets you migrate an entire enterprise to Windows 10 quickly and reduce the manual IT staff and contractor workload.

Adaptiva One site provides Serverless Peer-to-peer PXE with automatic load balancing for multiple simultaneous migrations, a programmable PXE engine, and TFTP block size customization.

Rapid Windows 10 Upgrade
Rapid Windows 10 Upgrade

Adaptiva Onsite provides a world-class content delivery mechanism that helps us provide seamless Windows 10 migrations using our existing SCCM infrastructure. Adaptiva Onsite Content Delivery covers:- Identify Task Sequence content, Intelligent Pre-staging, Visibility, Global OSD AutoSync.

In all scenarios, we can’t perform Windows 10 in-place upgrade. For loads of scenarios, we need to perform Windows 10 Wipe and Load.

So there comes State Migration Points to copy and restore the user data, settings. Adaptiva offers a new option by creating a virtual state migration point (V-SMP) in the Virtual SAN already located at each office. The V-SMP offers all the functionality of a dedicated server without taking storage from end-users or impacting their performance.

More details about the Rapid Windows 10 solution here


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