Questions Answers about Next Version of Hyper-V

Questions Answers about Next Version of Hyper-V? You must be aware that Hyper-V vNext is coming along with Windows Server 10. Windows Server 10 is rumored to be available in 2016.

Are you really would like to know more about the Hyper-V vNext version? What are the new changes which are not documented in Technet till now? Do you’ve questions about Hyper-V vNext?

Questions Answers about Next Version of Hyper-V

If so, this Live Free Webinar arranged by Altaro would be the best resource for you. Altaro is a Hyper- Backup solution and they provide free Hyper-V backup with full features for 2 Virtual Machines.

More details here. In the Live Webinar “Upcoming features in Hyper-V vNext“, Aidan Finn Hyper-V MVP and Rick Claus going to provide insight into the Next version of Hyper-V.

Questions Answers about Next Version of Hyper-V
Hyper-V – Next Version of Hyper-V

When is this Webinar ? Thursday, 26th March 2015 at 4PM CET  / 11am EDT / 8am PDT (30-45mins + live Q&A!)

How to Register to Hyper-V vNext Webinar – Register here.

Questions Answers about Next Version of Hyper-V
Register – Next Version of Hyper-V

So what are the new upcoming features of Hyper-V vNext? Have you ever gone through the Microsoft documentation on this? Be ready with your questions about the next version of Hyper-v and get those answered in this webinar !! Following are some of the exciting upcoming features of Hyper-V which are there in Technet. I’ve posted the links below so that you can directly check the upcoming version of Hyper-V vNext !!


Windows 10 Latest Version Of Client Operating System From Microsoft (

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