Reassign DPs Offset Days Phased Deployments with SCCM 1801

Microsoft SCCM product group released SCCM CB preview 1801 with loads of new features. I think they are getting all set for big bang SCCM CB 1802 production release with loads of new features. The video tutorial “Reassign DPs Offset Days Phased Deploymentshere can give you a visual experience of all of my favourite features of 1801.

My favourite Features of SCCM 1801 Preview

Reassign DPs
ADR Offset Days schedule
Phased Deployments for Task Sequences 
Software Center Live Preview

Reassign DPs and Phased deployment features are only limited to SCCM admin console experience. The SCCM CB 1801 client side is NOT ready to test these features.

How to Reassign DPs in SCCM?

Reassign DPs Offset Days Phased Deployments

Reassign DPs is my favourite feature of SCCM 1801. I know from ages SCCM admins struggle to migrate TBs of content from one DP server to another DP server. In most cases, this could be because of changes or redesign of SCCM hierarchies.

Patch My PC

SCCM 1801 has additional functionality to move a distribution point (DP) from a primary site to another primary site or from under a secondary site to a primary site.

\Administration\Overview\Distribution Points

SCCM ADR Challenge of 2nd Tuesday

It’s always a challenge to create ADRs when you are part of ASIA and Australia. Because Microsoft released patches on every 2nd Tuesday, but it won’t be Tuesday for some part of the world (ASIA continent). Hence there would need a special script of manual intervention required for patch Tuesday ADR to work correctly.

Offset Days option in custom Automatic Deployment Rule (ADR) schedule. Improvements to Automatic Deployment Rule evaluation schedule is helpful as I mentioned above. You can now schedule ADR evaluation to be offset from a base day.

1E Nomad

Check if a created custom schedule that deploys updates offset from a base day. More details available in the video tutorialReassign DPs Offset Days Phased Deployments“.

\Software Library\Overview\Software Updates\Automatic Deployment Rules
Custom - Monthly - 2nd Tuesday - Offset (days)
Reassign DPs Offset Days Phased Deployments

Software Center “Live Preview” from SCCM Client Settings

Improvements to Client Settings for Software Center and this is really modern stuff from SCCM team. You don’t need to deploy NEW software center client settings to devices and test changes. Instead, you can see the live preview in SCCM console itself. Thank you for making SCCM admins life easier!!

You can get more details of Software center customization live experience from video tutorialReassign DPs Offset Days Phased Deployments“.

Another option provided in the new software center client settings is to enable ‘Hide unapproved applications in Software Center’ setting. The client settings for Software Center now has a Customise button where users can preview their customization before deploying them to machines. Users also have the ability to hide unapproved applications in Software Center.

\Administration\Overview\Client Settings
Reassign DPs Offset Days Phased Deployments

Phased Deployments for SCCM Task Sequences

SCCM Phased deployments automate a coordinated, sequenced roll-out of software without creating multiple implementations. This is available only for Task Sequences in this version of SCCM. I hope this would be useful for Windows 10 servicing models.

I assume phased deployments are getting input from status filtering rules. Status filter rules will be checking the criteria for phased rollout and if the deployment failure is more than 5% (this % can be customised) then, it will automatically STOP the deployment.

\Software Library\Overview\Operating Systems\Task Sequences

In this Technical Preview version, the phased deployment wizard can be completed for task sequences in the admin console. However, deployments are not created. Following is the example of phased deployment from my lab environment. More details available in the video tutorialReassign DPs Offset Days Phased Deployments“.

 Phased Deployment Configuration
• Phased Deployment Name: Phase Deployment
• Phased Deployment Description:
 Collections in this Phased Deployment
• Collection(s): TP100017
• Collection(s): SMSDM003


Capabilities in Technical Preview 1801 for System Center Configuration Manager – here

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