System Center Products Moved to Semi-Annual Channel But NOT SCCM Configuration Manager ConfigMgr

System Center Products Moved to Semi-Annual Channel But NOT SCCM Configuration Manager ConfigMgr. Microsoft moved another suite of products also into the Semi-Annual channel of releases. A few months back Windows 10 also moved to Semi-Annual channel releases.

So it seems Microsoft is trying to streamline the release management channel for all their products. I don’t think SCCM is included in these Semi-Annual channel updates. But it’s interesting to see that Neowin reported that SCCM is also part of the Semi-Annual channel.

I agree that the SCCM is part of System Center Products as per Microsoft official site here. But SCCM doesn’t follow semi-annual channel of released. Instead, SCCM follows 4 month update channel.

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Microsoft never mentioned that System Center Semi-Annual release management applies SCCM. It’s clear that only other products like DPM, SCOM, VMM, Orchestrator, SM, SMA, and SPF are moved to semi-annual update channel.

Microsoft System Center offers enterprise-class datacenter management for your heterogeneous IT environments. System Center, version 1801 (semi-annual channel) and download the evaluation version from here. There is NO download available for SCCM on the list.

Following is the list of available Downloads

SCOM_1801_EN.exe, SCOM_1801_ES.exe, SCOM_1801_PT-PT.exe, SCOM_1801_SV.exe, SCOM_1801_RU.exe, SCOM_1801_FR.exe, SCOM_1801_CS.exe, SCOM_1801_KO.exe, SCOM_1801_PT-BR.exe, SCOM_1801_PL.exe, SCOM_1801_NL.exe, SCOM_1801_IT.exe, 
SCOM_1801_CN.exe, SCOM_1801_TW.exe, SCOM_1801_TR.exe 
SCOM_1801_DE.exe, SCOM_1801_HU.exe, SCOM_1801_JA.exe 
SCDPM_1801.exe, SCVMM_1801.exe, SCO_1801.exe, SCSM_1801.exe 
SCSM_Auth_1801.exe, SCSM_x86_1801.exe
System Center Operations Manager: Monitor health, capacity, and usage across applications, workloads, and infrastructure.
System Center Virtual Machine Manager: Deploy and manage your virtualized, software-defined datacenter with a comprehensive solution for networking, storage, compute, and security
System Center Data Protection Manager: Protect your data with backup, storage, and recovery for private cloud deployments, physical machines, clients, and server applications.
System Center Orchestrator: Automate your datacenter tasks; efficiently create and execute runbooks using native PowerShell scripts.
System Center Service Manager: Automated service delivery tool for incident resolution, change control, and asset lifecycle management.
System Center Endpoint Protection: Protect client and server operating systems against the latest malware threats; built on System Center Configuration Management for unified control.

What’s New in System Center 1801

What's New in Data Protection Manager 1801
What's New in SCOM 1801
What's New in VMM 1801
What's New in Orchestrator 1801
What's New in SM 1801
What's New in SMA 1801
What's New in SPF 1801

System Center 1801 Release Notes

Data Protection Manager DPM 1801 Release Notes
OpsMgr SCOM 1801 Release Notes
Orchestrator 1801 Release Notes
Service Manager SM 1801 Release Notes
Service Management Automation SMA 1801 Release Notes
Service Provider Foundation SPF 1801 Release Notes
Virtual Machine Manager VMM 1801 Release Notes

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