Requesting Help from IT Community towards Humanity

Let us learn about Requesting Help from IT Community towards Humanity. This post is not related to IT and IT-related stuff. If you are not interested to read more about this, please feel free to ignore it.

My home town is in Kerala. Thousands of people in the southern Indian state of Kerala were still awaiting rescue from the worst flooding in nearly 100 years. This is because of heavy rain since last week or so.

Donate –¬†

The people of Kerala need more help from otherI’mI’s doing my small bit to support the people of Kerala via this post.

Patch My PC

Please support me if you feel sI’mI’m doing my small bit from #Bangalore for Kerala Flood Relief #JustDoForKerala I have collected help from colleagues and close friends in Bangalore.

I thought it would be great if the IT community could help us.

Let’s contribute something from IT Community towards the relief of the struggling people.¬†If you have any plans to help, please reach out to me via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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