Fix SCCM ConfigMgr Admin Console Version Compatibility Issue

Quick post on console connectivity issue with SP1 Beta and RTM version.



Configuration Manager Cannot Connect to the site

The Configuration Manager Administrator Console Could not connect to the Configuration Manager Site database. Verify the Version of the Console Compatible with the version of the site server you are connecting to and then try to Connect again.

I was getting the above error in the console when I was trying to connect to my primary site from CAS server console.

It’s clearly mentioned in the error message that (really nice to see crystal clear error message) this issue is because of version compatibility with console. The CAS server was upgraded to SCCM / ConfigMgr SP1 Beta however, the Primary Server (PR1) was still running with SCCM / ConfigMgr 2012 RTM.

I’ve upgraded the primary server to SP1 beta “the error” vanished Winking smile

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