SCCM ConfigMgr Remote SQL Site System server SMS Executive component Installation failed


Recently Microsoft has released SCCM ConfigMgr 2012 R2 CU3. More details about CU3 in the post Download Install SCCM ConfigMgr 2012 R2 CU3 and Stop MP Rotation plus Partial WSUS Sync Issue. SCCM 2012 R2 CU3 was installed successfully on the primary site. However we’ve noticed that MonitoringOverviewSystem StatusComponent Status is showing as critical against SQL Site System Server. As part of SCCM ConfigMgr 2012 R2 CU3 installation (site reset), SQL server SMS executive component was supposed to get re-installed. However, the reinstall was not successful.


Validated the SiteComp.log at the primary server and it was giving following error. The exact issue is not represented in the log file. Log file says rolesetup.exe is missing but it was present in the location 🙂 So there could be some other reason for SMS Executive Component of SCCM 2012 Site System Server being unhealthy. Well, We’ll come to that in a minute.

STATMSG: ID=1083 SEV=E LEV=D SOURCE="SMS Server" COMP="SMS_SRS_REPORTING_POINT" SITE=PRI PID=5616 TID=6872 GMTDATE=Thu Sep 25 23:17:21.181 2014 ISTR0="SMS_SERVER_BOOTSTRAP_ACNCMPRI" ISTR1="" ISTR2="ACNCMPRISQL.ConfigMgr.comD$SMSbinx64rolesetup.exe" ISTR3="/deinstall" ISTR4="" ISTR5="The file "ACNCMPRISQL.ConfigMgr.comD$SMSbinx64rolesetup.exe" does not exist." ISTR6="SMS_SRS_REPORTING_POINT" ISTR7="" ISTR8="" ISTR9="" NUMATTRS=0
Execution of "ACNCMPRISQL.ConfigMgr.comD$SMSbinx64rolesetup.exe /deinstall /" on server failed: The file "ACNCMPRISQL.ConfigMgr.comD$SMSbinx64rolesetup.exe" does not exist.

Tried taking MSTSC (RDP) of the SQL Server and there came an interesting error. I was not able to take the remote and it was giving me the following error. What to do next ?

“Remote Desktop cannot verify the identity of the remote computer because there is a time or date difference between your computer and the remote computer. Make sure your computer’s clock is set to the correct time, and then try connecting again, contact your network administrator or the owner of the remote computer”RDP Error SCCM SQL server

I did some research (search) on the above mentioned error, what could be the issue ? Nothing much found apart from some of the articles related to Windows 7 Operating System. However our SCCM ConfigMgr 2012 SQL server is Windows Server 2008 R2. As part of troubleshooting, I tried same old solution “restarting the server”. The next question was How to restart the server when you’re not able to take RDP (MSTSC) and you don’t have ILO details of the server? “Shutdown -i ” command was the suitable option for me to restart the server.


After the restart of SCCM ConfigMgr SQL DB server, I was able to login to the server. I had checked the log files (SMSExec.log, CompMon.log etc..) located at  “SMSLogs”, none of the logs were updated since SCCM ConfigMgr 2012 R2 CU3 update on the primary server. What next ? I don’t want to wait until next cycle of reinstall efforts from SCCM ConfigMgr site server to remote SQL site system server. I had bounced back the services (SMS Executive and SMS Component). Phewww … That is it 🙂 The server was able to find the “rolesetup.exe”, which was missing last time around 🙂 After few minutes, SQL server SMS Executive component successfully got reinstalled and “all is well” now !! Following are some lines of SiteComp.log at the SCCM ConfigMgr 2012 primary server after the restart.

ACNCMPRISQL.ConfigMgr.comD$SMSbinx64rolesetup.exe /deinstall /siteserver:ACNCMPRI." executed successfully on server
Starting service SMS_SERVER_BOOTSTRAP_ACNCMPRI with command-line arguments "PRI D:SMS /deinstall ACNCMPRISQL.ConfigMgr.comD$SMSbinx64rolesetup.exe SMSSRSRP 262171
ACNCMPRISQL.ConfigMgr.comD$SMSbinx64rolesetup.exe /install /siteserver:ACNCMPRI.REG." executed successfully on server
Installed file ACNCMPRISQL.ConfigMgr.comD$SMSbinx64rolesetup.exe.
 Starting service SMS_SERVER_BOOTSTRAP_ACNCMPRI with command-line arguments "PRI D:SMS /install ACNCMPRISQL.ConfigMgr.comD$SMSbinx64rolesetup.exe SMSSRSRP 262171


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