How to Make a Clean Healthy SCCM CB Environment


SCCM CB Management Insights is one of my favourite features. You won’t be able to see this feature in features list in SCCM CB 1802 console. But management insights are by default enabled on 1802 and later. Trust me it very useful to keep your environment neat and clean. As a central admin of a global SCCM team, I’m personally going to love this feature.

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I have provided tips and tricks to keep SCCM environment in the previous post. My honest recommendation would be to read those to get more details about SCCM health. MGMT insights is another way to track the health and tidiness of your SCCM environment.

Video Tutorial Easy Way to Clean SCCM Environment Using Management Insights

What is Management Insights in SCCM?

Management Insights is similar to a robotic assistant that will keep an on your SCCM environment for you and let you know the details. Who is not following your standard processes? Who is doing wrong or not recommended things within your SCCM hierarchy?

Management insight helps to gain valuable insights into the current state of SCCM CB environment based on analysis of data in the site database. I would assume the SCCM product group will provide an option to create custom management insights possibility in future. Management Insights feature was introduced with SCCM CB 1708 preview version.

Where is Management Insights located in SCCM CB console?

Launch SCCM CB console and navigate via \Administration\Overview\Management Insights

1. \Administration\Overview\Management Insights\All Insights
2. \Administration\Overview\Management Insights\All Insights\Software Center
3. \Administration\Overview\Management Insights\All Insights\Applications
4. \Administration\Overview\Management Insights\All Insights\Simplified Management
5. \Administration\Overview\Management Insights\All Insights\Collections
6. \Administration\Overview\Management Insights\All Insights\Cloud Services

What are the Features of Management Insights in SCCM?

There is five (5) build in management insights options we have in SCCM CB 1802. Let’s take a look at those in detail.

Software Center – Insights for managing software center
Applications – Insights for your application management
Simplified Management – Insights that help you simplify the day to day management of your SCCM environment
Collection – Insights which help simplify your management by cleaning up and re-configuring collections
Cloud Services – Modernise and simplify your management infrastructure by leveraging the power of the cloud. SCCM integrated with many cloud services, all of which enable more straightforward and more modern management of your devices.

Software Center – Insights for Managing Software center

Software Center helps to get the information and insights of software center versions available in your SCCM environment. There are a couple of out of box rules created to find out software center versions. Also, it helps to clean up the old version of SCCM software center and how to get new software center versions.

Rule 1 – Direct your user to software center instead of the application catalog
Rule 2 – Use the new version of Software Center

Application catalog is depreciated, and you should deploy the new version of software center –  More details in Microsoft documentation.

Applications – Insights for Your Application Management

Application management options in management insight will be able to help you to find evil things happening within application creation world. Let’s do clean up of OLD application of your SCCM environment using this feature. This helps to keep the health of all your application echo systems.

Rule 1 – Applications without deployments

SCCM Management Insights

Simplified Management – Simplify the day to day MGMT of Your Environment

SCCM simplified management rule in SCCM management insight feature helps to find out the non SCCM CB client versions in your environment. This will help to keep your SCCM environment healthy and updated.

Rule 1 – Non-CB Client Versions

Collection – Simplify Device management

SCCM management insights help to simplify device management options for your organization. The following rule of MGMT insights helps to keep an eye on collections of your environment. This helps to clean up and re-configuring collections.

Rule 1 – Empty Collections

Cloud Services – Modernise & Simplify Device MGMT Infrastructure

Cloud services management insights are to get more details about modern management scenarios. One of the key modern management scenarios is enabled and keep track of co-management feature.

Modernise and simplify your management infrastructure by leveraging the power of the cloud. SCCM integrated with many cloud services, all of which enable simpler and more modern management of your devices.

Rule 1

Assess co-management readiness. There are three (3) prerequisites for co-management
 1. Update clients to the latest Windows 10 version
 2. Configure Azure Services for use with SCCM
 3. Enable Devices to be hybrid Azure Active Directory Joined

Rule 2

Configure Azure Services to use with SCCM

Rule 3

Enable Devices to be hybrid Azure Active Directory joined

Rule 4

Update Clients to the latest Windows Version


  1. This is a great article Anoop, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the different features and will be using to enhance our SCCM environment.
    One question if you don’t mind: what would be your strategy if you needed to do a deep analysis of an organisations current SCCM environment and create a future SCCM environment?
    I would to hear your thoughts on that.


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