SCCM SQL InComingMessagesInQueue Backlog Issue

Let’s check how to troubleshoot SCCM SQL InComingMessagesInQueue Backlog Issues. SCCM SQL Based Replication InComingMessagesInQueue Backlog Issue ConfigMgr SQL Troubleshooting is the topic discussed in this post.

My SCCM CB upgrade experience is explained in the following post “SCCM CB Upgrade of CAS and Primary Sites A Real-world Experience“. During the SCCM/ConfigMgr CB upgrade process, we noticed a backlog of files in SQL DB.

It was found that there are millions of messages stuck in the transmission queue. In this post, I will share the experience of the “SCCM SQL Based Replication InComingMessagesInQueue Backlog Issue”.

How to solve the InComingMessagesInQueue Backlog Issue?

SQL-based replication links between CAS and Primary servers went into the state called “Link Degraded“. We checked the RCM.log and RCMCTRL.log to contain the replication links between SCCM CB CAS and Primary servers. We didn’t find anything specific in the log files.

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SCCM SQL InComingMessagesInQueue Backlog Issue
SCCM SQL InComingMessagesInQueue Backlog Issue

I have a blog post that explains “SCCM SQL based Replication Monitoring and Troubleshooting”. More details SCCM Site to Site replication and SQL Based Replication Guide. Following are the quick tips on SCCM CB SQL based replication troubleshooting

  • SCCM Console Monitoring Status Gives an idea of where to look
  • SCCM Console Replication Link Checker
  • Status Messages for RCM and Human. Also, HMAN.log and RCM.log
  • RcmCtrl.log is the next place to look for prerequisite errors of replication
  • SQL Management Studio – spDiagDrs store procedure to check the backlog
  • vLogs – BCP and SQL errors – to get more errors

Use the spDiagDrs store procedure to Check the Backlog

We opened SQL Management Studio to run the stored procedure “spDiagDrs” to check the replication status between SCCM CB CAS and Primary servers.

Even the site status shows ACTIVE in spDiagDrs; the replication status changed/flickering around Active to Link Degraded and back. We could also see that the processing of messages was very slow.

SCCM SQL InComingMessagesInQueue Backlog Issue
SCCM SQL InComingMessagesInQueue Backlog Issue

Resolution to InComingMessagesInQueue Backlog Issue

Microsoft recommended installing the KB4013098 patch on SQL 2014 on all the SQL boxes in the hierarchy. We have tested this with the CAS server and one of the primary servers. The results were good, and the link status became stable after applying SQL 2014 CU KB4013098.


The cumulative update package 5 (build number: 12.0.5546.0) for Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Service Pack 2 (SP2). This update contains fixes released after the release of SQL Server 2014 SP2.

I recommend installing this CU on all SQL servers on your SCCM CB hierarchy.


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