SQL SC Planning Installations Configurations PDF Guide Download Ready


Paul Keely (MVP) requested me to share the guide pdf guide written by him. Wow! this is an excellent guide for the System Center admins  and SQL admins plan for System Center related SQL Planning,  Installations and Configurations for an organization. You can download the pdf guide from here. If you’ve already logged in with windows live ID then try this download option. It won’t require any password to open the pdf file (I tried with Acrobat 9 and X).

The main topics covered in this guide are :-

1. SQL Database sizing.

2. SQL DB Virtualization and co-location.

3. What size should my Operations Manager DB be?

4. Where should SQL be located?

5. Can I have the SCCM DB on the same instance as my SCVMM DB?

6. How do I move my SCOM DB?

7. SQL server performance with regard to System Center.


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