Fix SCCM ConfigMgr Software updates ReDownload Issue and Hotfix

ConfigMgr administrators are struggling with patch re-download issue since end of October 2012. There are loads of posts which covers all these issues. The latest one from System Center Configuration Manager Team blog is “Hotfix Available for Invalid Software Updates

Fix SCCM ConfigMgr Software updates ReDownload Issue and Hotfix 1

Do we need to install the hotfix KB 2783466? Is it a Temporary fix?

Yes, you need to install the Hotfix. It’s not a Temporary fix as per Microsoft it’s more of a damage control fix  Winking smile (more details below)

After you apply this hotfix, an update that has a change only to metadata and not to file contents will not cause the update to be displayed as invalid. How can you explain this?

There are two types of changes initiated by Microsoft as part of the process explained HERE.


1) An update that contain only Metadata change.

2) An update that contains Metadata and File Content change.

Before Applying the hotfix KB 2783466, in either Scenario 1 or 2, the update will termed/shown as “Invalid” and you need to redownload the content (redistribute the package to DPs).

After applying the hotfixKB 2783466, if an update contains only metadata change (scenario 1) then it won’t be marked as “invalid” update and you don’t need to ReDownload the content again. However, if there is any change in content file/s (Scenario 2) then you need to redownload and redistribute it to all DPs.

Another important point mentioned in the KB article is :-

This hotfix will not update the state of updates that were previously marked as invalid.

How to Validate the Hotfix is installed or not?

The log file will be created in %temp% folder of the server and that will offer you the details about the installation. Also, “Updmgr.dll” file will get replaced after applying this hotfix. The new file version should be “4.0.6487.2220”.


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4 thoughts on “Fix SCCM ConfigMgr Software updates ReDownload Issue and Hotfix”

  1. we caught up in a situation where we downloaded 1200+ updates and now its re-distributing to our (1000+) child primary site. Currently central site is receiving large amount of status messages and filling up hard disk space. is there anything you can suggest in order to resolve this issue.

  2. Hi Anoop,

    I have a question here, will the SCCM clients at locations coming under secondary sites download the metadata from Central site if synchronization is not completed by SUP on secondary sites.
    e.g. Central site syncs with MS at 12 PM
    Secondary SUP sync with Central at 7 PM

    Meanwhile since all machines have the policy of revised patches and if they dont find it on secondary servers (at 2 PM) will these machines go to Central site to download teh Metadata?
    We have all boundaries and protected DPs configured correctly. I wonder this has happened and all the client machines have contacted central site between 2 to 4 PM on the day when we received revised patches.

    Thanks in advance..awaiting your reply

    • Hi Shrikant ! – The secondary server sync should be completed from it’s upstream server, otherwise the client won’t get the latest metadata. I don’t think, it will go to central and download the metadata from there.


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