Windows 10 1709 Fall Creators Update Upgrade with Intune Update Rings


Microsoft released Windows 10 1709 fall creators update. And the devices which are part of current branch (Semi-Annual Targeted) should get the Windows 10 1709 update in Settings – update and security  – Windows Update. Microsoft Intune manages this Windows 10 device. In this post, we will see “Windows 10 1709 Fall Creators Update Upgrade with Intune Update Rings.”

Video Tutorial to Upgrade Windows 10 here

There are many methods to upgrade existing Windows 10 version to the latest version 1709. You can upgrade windows 10 with ISO file which is available in Visual Studio Subscriptions (previously known as MSDN) or VLSC (Volume Licensing Service Center). If Microsoft Intune manages your devices then, there would be a software update policy ring to manage Windows 10 feature updates.

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Windows 10 1709 Fall Creators Update Upgrade with Intune Update Rings

Navigate via Microsoft Azure – Microsoft Intune – Software Updates to get to “Windows 10 Update Rings.” This is the place where you can create Windows 10 Semi-Annual Targeted and Semi-Annual update rings. These two update rings in Intune would be able to control the Windows 10 upgrade behaviour for your organization.

Windows 10 Semi-Annual Targeted Update Ring – All the devices in Current Branch
Windows 10 Semi-Annual Update Ring – All the device in Current Branch for Business

Create Windows 10 Update Rings in Intune?

How to create Windows 10 update rings within Intune console? These Intune policy details are explained in one of my previous posts “How to Setup Windows 10 Software Update Policy Rings in Intune Azure Portal.”

Navigate via Intune console to get to Windows 10 Update Rings – Create Update RingSettings. We need to select “Servicing Branch” options according to your requirements. Feature update deferral period (days) is another setting which we want to setup as part of Create Update Ring policy.

For example:- If we set Service Branch = CB and Feature update deferral period (days) = 0 days then, the device will get the Windows 10 1709 updates on the 0 days of the release.

There are two types of Servicing Branches for Windows 10 as I mentioned in the above paragraph. Those servicing branches are Semi-Annual Targeted and Semi-Annual.

Select CB servicing branch (Semi-Annual Targeted) to set the devices for the first wave of deployment of Windows 10 features upgrades. The latest Windows 10 1709 Fall creators update is released only for Semi-Annual Targeted branch.

Windows 10 1709 Fall Creators Update with Intune Update RingsHow Does Windows 10 Update Rings Work?

Windows 10 update rings work flawlessly under the hood. I have not uploaded Windows 10 1709 ISO or files to Intune to deliver the updates to the devices. Intune helps to setup 2 MDM policies in Windows 10 1607 or later devices.

So, Devices are getting the Windows 10 feature updates binaries from any other Microsoft cloud service? Windows 10 devices are getting these feature update content/binaries from Windows Update for Business (WUfB).

Another important feature of Windows 10 is Delivery Optimization. Delivery optimization helps to find the binaries from the peer devices. These peer devices could be either from the same network or the internet.

Windows 10 Update Ring MDM policies?

Yes, the following are the two MDM policies which Intune set on Windows 10 devices.

CB/CBB Options :- MDM for version 1607 and above: MDM for version 1607 and above: ../Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/Update/BranchReadinessLevel \Microsoft\PolicyManager\default\Update\BranchReadinessLevel

Deferral Period Days:- MDM for version 1607 and above: ../Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/Update/DeferFeatureUpdatesPeriodInDays \Microsoft\PolicyManager\default\Update\DeferFeatureUpdatesPeriodInDays

Windows 10 Upgrade End User Experience

Windows 10 1709 fall creator update is getting delivered through Windows Update for Business in the following video. The following video will give you an end to end experience for Windows 10 1709 fall creators update upgrade process via Software Update for Business (WUfB).

As you can see in the video, the Windows 10 device is in CB (Semi-Annual Target) channel and differed period policy is set to Zero days.

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