Windows ARM Device Management using Intune

Let’s learn Windows ARM Device Management using Intune. You can manage Windows 10 ARM devices with existing Intune and SCCM Co-Management investments.

It seems Microsoft is pushing Windows 10 ARM devices to enterprises as well. They are promoting Windows 10 ARM devices with a full stack of enterprise management capabilities.

Managing and installing apps on windows 10 ARM devices with intune is fully supported. An ARM64 version of Company Portal can also install available apps on windows 10.

Enterprise application compatibility is an important thing in Windows 10 on ARM. Windows apps should be built to be Arm-native wherever possible to get the best performance and battery life.

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Windows generally run on devices that use x86 / x64 processors but also support ARM processors. ARM-based devices are used ARM architecture. Battery life and performances are good in ARM-based devices.

Windows on ARM

The ARM-powered Windows devices offer high battery life while delivering great performance. Traditionally, most work devices/machines are powered by x86 / x64 processors (Intel/AMD). Nowadays, it runs on devices powered by ARM processors.

The ARM also provides key features such as a powerful CPU, GPU, Wi-Fi, mobile data networks, etc. Windows 10 was the first version ported to ARM in the Windows world.

ARM processors and their advantage

The ARM processor is one of the families of central processing units(CPU) based on their reduced instruction set computing designs. The advantage of an ARM processor is as follows;

  • Low power consumption
  • Flexible licensing
  • Low cost
  • Work more quickly

MEM Application Support for Windows ARM Devices

Let’s check the supported application types for Windows ARM devices using MEM Intune. You can even install Office 365 click to run the application as per Microsoft Documentation.

  • Web apps that do not require a managed browser to open.
  • Microsoft Store for Business apps or Windows Universal LOB apps (.appx)
  • Windows Store apps
  • Mobile MSI LOB apps
  • Win32 apps with the requirement rule of 32-bit.
  • Windows Office click-to-run apps if 32-bit or x86 architecture is selected.

When deploying apps, the Intune Management Extension (IME) for Microsoft Endpoint Manager is supported and runs as an emulated x86 agent.

Leveraging a native ARM64 version of Company Portal can also install available apps. Enterprise application compatibility is an important thing in Windows 10 on ARM.

Windows ARM Device Management using Intune 1
Windows ARM Device Management using Intune 1
  • Microsoft Edge offers a first-class solution to improve performance with native ARM64¬†support¬†beginning in Windows 10, version 20H2 onwards.
  • Windows Autopilot is also supported for Windows ARM devices.
  • Using Windows Autopilot to deploy and provision Windows 10 on ARM lets you take advantage of MEM Intune to deploy configuration profiles, and compliance policies and deliver 32-bit and 64-bit applications, as well as applications that are not ARM-native.
  • Windows Update for Business (WUfB) is supported for patching Windows ARM-based devices.


Deploying, managing, and supporting Windows 10 on ARM in the enterprise


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