Free Video Training of Windows Server 2016 with Next Version of HyperV

Free Video Training of Windows Server 2016 with Next Version of HyperV? I’ve blogged about the Free Webinar about Windows server 2016 Hyper-V by Altaro, “Questions about Next Version of HyperV Attend Live Webinar to Get Answers.”

Altaro is a free dedicated Hyper-v backup solution available for 2 VMs with all the features. Altaro Hyper-V backup solution is very helpful for SCCM professionals in backing up their personal labs.

Video Training of Windows Server 2016 with Next Version of HyperV

I’ve posted about the topic of how SCCM admins can make full use of Altaro Hyper-V backup “Are you Running SCCM Lab on HyperV Machine then you should Try Altaro Backup Solution.”

Have you attended the free webinar about Windows server 2016? If so, here is the recording of the Webinar! Read the below post to know more about some exciting technologies coming up with Windows Server 2016.

Download the presentation slides here!


Microsoft will be offering a glimpse at some of the new server technologies coming to Windows Server 2016 testers in the coming months. The first one is the docker engine on Windows Server 2016. Docker container support is coming to Microsoft’s next Windows Server release. What are Docker technologies? An open platform for distributed applications for developers and sysadmins. We can manage all containers of an app as a single group and Cluster an application’s containers to optimize resources and provide high availability. We can provision Docker on any infrastructure, from laptop to public cloud instance. It can be used to compose an app using both proprietary containers and Docker Hub Official Repos.


Another technology coming in the next version of Windows Server 2016 is Nano Server. The slide deck in the following link revealed “Nano Server: The Future of Windows Server Starts Now.” This describes Nano Server as a “new headless deployment option for Windows Server.“!

Nano Server

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