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Hi, I’m Anoop C Nair. I’m the person behind this website. Thank you for visiting the website and about me page! My website is all about Microsoft technologies. More about ConfigMgr (a.k.a SCCM), Intune, Mobile Device Management and all other technologies which are interesting for me. However, larger percentage of my posts are related to SCCM. Normally, like to post the interesting issues which I came across in my day to day tech life. Recent times, one of my popular post is SCCM training Videos. in July 2015, I received Microsoft MVP award for Enterprise Client Management (SCCM + Intune …).


I use this blog as my technical notebook or diary. I’ve 13-plus years (calculation done on the year 2014) of experience in Information Technology (a.k.a IT) and since 2006 am working with SMS 2003,  SCCM 2007 and now SCCM 2012.Large Blog Image

I receive lots of queries like “How to Start Learning SCCM” or “How to Learn SCCM”  or  “How to become expert in SCCM” from the technology enthusiasts. I used to refer them to some of the online resources. I always had a feeling that one or two links won’t help people to learn any new technologies. They also need motivation and real world experience to overcome the “inertia”. I thought of putting my experience into a post so that people can start learning SCCM (or any new technology). Are you “really” interested to learn SCCM/Intune? I’ve a post How to Learn SCCM in this post, it’s explained  my experience of learning.

I’ve created TechNet forum account back in Jan 29, 2010 since then I’m technical community person. I been Microsoft Community Contributor for 24 months. This website has been listed in “BizTech magazine recognizes 50 smart, useful and informative blogs in IT and small business” for couple of years.

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  1. Bhasker says:

    great work Dude. I just saw you over my LinkedIn. It has been a good experience talking to you today afternoon. It was enriching 🙂

  2. rhene says:

    Hi Anoop,

    I saw your query (SCCM package PreLoad or Cache all the package content to PCS is possible to reduce bandwidth usage while downloading the package from a remote DP) in Microsoft Social Technet ( because I am trying to find out if it is possible. Were you able to find a way to pre-cache a package (only one package) to a client pc?

    • Anoop's says:

      Hi Rhene – Pre-cache package (only one package)is not a good practice as per industry expert. It’s always better to have some SCCM extension software’s like Adaptive Onesite or SMS Nomad.

  3. Hi Anoop,
    thanks for Contribute
    i see ur porfile in technet forums

  4. Saran says:

    Hi Anoop,
    Need a help on calculationg resource (time) for pacakging application for SCCM distribution.
    with the right tool like Admin studio / AppDNA

    Thanks in advance.


  5. Rajasekaran.S says:

    hai.. i am rajasekaran,

    I am from bangalore .. i am interested to learn about SCCM. If any one aware any training institute available in Bangalore.

    my mail id

  6. rocky says:

    Great Work!

  7. sandip says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have started working with SCCM a year ago. I find your blog really helpful. I would like you to thank for all your help and support. I had sent request to join SCCM India group on linked in. Please accept.

  8. rajith says:

    hi anoop

    i upgraded sccm 2007 sp1 to sccm 2007 sp, After that i have to upgrade all sccm clients. Which is the best way ?. I have to remove old client and install new one or can i upgrade clients directly ?. pls help


  9. Krishna says:

    Great work!!!
    How to reach you regarding SCCM 2012 Config questions? Can you share e-mail?


  10. Vinu.P says:

    Hi Anoop,

    Scan failed with error = 0x8024001e.
    i am getting this error in some sccm sp2 client installed machines which is in mixed mode & showing 4 tabs & 2 actions.
    pleas let me know if u know the solution .

  11. Prajith says:


    can i get your contact info

  12. Venkat says:

    I live in Mumbai, can you please tell me where can I learn SCCM / ConfigMgr 2012. Please let me know institute or individual name to whom I can contact on this regard.

  13. Thaygarajan says:

    Hi Anoop, Can i have your email id.This is regarding Sccm 2007 issue.

  14. Pat Sagers, IT Engineer says:

    Very good work. This site is invaluable and I will visit often.

  15. Piyushnasa says:

    Hi Anoop, You have done a great work here documenting stuff for SCCM. I would be really thankful if you can help me for some SCCM 2012 stuff on which I am stuck for a long time now.
    1) I need to install a vbscript which installs an MSI, then gives an input box to the user to input details and then create a file in the application folder. The script runs fine and I have tested it manually. It also worked fine in SCCM 2007. In SCCM 2012, we created an application and pointed to this vbs file. The application runs but there is no input box which comes and the script is waiting for input. I have tried various options in SCCM program settings like Maximized, Normal viewing etc. But still does not work. Please can you point to the right direction.

    2) I need to run an .iss file with setup.exe and it is failing with SCCM 2012. I created a .bat file/.cmd file to run the command and install it but it fails every time.

    Your help in both of these will be really helpful.


  16. piyushnasa says:

    Hi Anoop, You have done a great work here documenting stuff for SCCM. I would be really thankful if you can help me for some SCCM 2012 stuff on which I am stuck for a long time now.
    1) I need to install a vbscript which installs an MSI, then gives an input box to the user to input details and then create a file in the application folder. The script runs fine and I have tested it manually. It also worked fine in SCCM 2007. In SCCM 2012, we created an application and pointed to this vbs file. The application runs but there is no input box which comes and the script is waiting for input. I have tried various options in SCCM program settings like Maximized, Normal viewing etc. But still does not work. Please can you point to the right direction.

    2) I need to run an .iss file with setup.exe and it is failing with SCCM 2012. I created a .bat file/.cmd file to run the command and install it but it fails every time.

    Your help in both of these will be really helpful.


  17. Manoj says:

    Hello Anup,
    I have been looking at some of your articles about Adaptive and 1E products. Very interesting ones and think valuable information to many out there who is looking to deploy SCCM DP’s at branch level. I have few question about SCCM 2012 capabilities. Hope you can provide some insight in to this.
    With changes in SCCM 2012 we can have up to 250 DP’s per PM site, is there a limit or any other issues you foresee with a configuration where more than 1000 DPs deployed in the field with appropriate PM sites.
    Putting systems into sleep mode at a specific time and scheduling a daily wakeup. The default power management capabilities of SCCM are unable to set a specific time for a system to enter sleep mode. Is there a script or add on component that can be used to facilitate scheduled sleep and wakeup function .
    How can we enable PXE boot functionality on a Branch SCCM 2012 DP that is running Windows 7? – I am exploring the features of TFTP client to do this and like to know if you have any recommendations.

  18. Guru says:

    Hi Anoop,
    I have started working in SCCM 2007 since couple of months and this site and your blogs on technet is very valuable .
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge .

  19. Pratik Dave says:

    Hi Anoop, Can you please forward me SCCM 2007 to 2012 migration reference guide.

  20. Sam says:

    Thanks, There are couple of issues. i’m installing SP1 now. It recognize all devices and users. Configuration Manager is installed on client’s PC but SCCM status shows client installed “No”. When I deploy a client nothing happens. WMI is allowing via GP. Win FW is disabled currently for testing purpose. Cong mngr properties–>Action has only 2 items listed as Machine policy…..& User policy.

  21. Holger says:

    Hi Anoop, I have a issue regarding clients picking up wrong version and thus cannot be assigned to site. where can I post for you to read and advice?

    • Anoop's says:

      Hi ! – Can you please explain a bit? “Wrong version”? SP1 client can’t be assigned to CM 12 RTM site.

      • Holger says:

        Ok,… the agents is being pushed successfully to clients, it installs correctly but cannot assign itself to the correct site. In the locationservice.log, i find a very interesting error.
        The agent finds 2 Sites in the forest, chooses the wrong site to retrieve the site version (for compatibility check) and cannot be assigned to the correct site as the version it retrieves is not compatible.

        It is all a bit confusing, i know. I posted this issue in SCCM Forum with Microsoft here:

        Please find some time to read it and hope it makes more sense.

      • Anoop's says:

        I hope, you had two sites in the same forest.Now, you’ve only one site and client is again going to the deleted or removed site. If the removed server details are published in AD that is the first place you need to remove. Is this CM 12 or CM 2007

  22. Holger says:

    What i discovered now is that the previous SCCM 2007 (on the top level domain) was installed and removed vigorously (a complete format of the Server by some techi some time ago – before my time)
    The top level domain shows that the Server account is still there. When I want to delete this account, I get prompted with “subtree deletion” meaning that it is still holding records somewhere in AD. This might just do the trick.

    Well as i just tested it worked! Oh and one other thing – one Toplevel AD still had stale records which I missed…. But thanks again

  23. Rahul says:


    Please can you let me know which log file to refer if software distribution to systems was successfull

    • Anoop's says:

      Hi, SCCM 2007 or CM 2012 ? On client machine , you can refer to execmgr.log to verify whether the application is installed successfully on that machine or not.
      In CM 12 it’s bit different.

  24. Ashok says:

    Hi Anoop

    Do you have any design document on SCCM 2012. Something that provides info on best practice, Site & client config. Also something on client health.

  25. Biplab Paul says:

    Hey Anoop…I was reviewing your TechNet contributions and that looks really impressive. May I request you to drop me an email at Looking for few options 🙂

  26. Raja says:

    Hi Anoop
    Im looking for a SCCM 2007 SQL Query for Software Update report which can provide “Computer Name, Article ID,Bulletin ID ,Title ,Approved ,Installed ,Required, Not Required ,Unknown,Total ,% Compliant,% Not Compliant % ,Unknown” Columns while i search using a Update list, collection ID.

    I checked all the default reports in SCCM which are not meeting my expectations.

  27. Nagendra Pratap Singh says:

    Excellent site. Please do contact me. I would like to mention this site somewhere in print.

  28. Ajay says:

    Hi Anoop,

    Could you share a Reference architecture diagram of SCCM 2012 we are setting it a CAS server in a Central site with DP at other sites around Europe and USA and Brazil could you sugesst if i have Branch cache or DP setup for these.Please help

    • Anoop's says:

      Hi Ajay!- Please don’t install Cas it’s really pain. If you’ve more than 100k clients to support then there is no option. Otherwise please please don’t install Cas. Primary server with remote dps, mps and sups or secondary server will do the trick for you.

  29. saurabh says:

    Hi Anoop……Few days back i’ve recieved 1 mp error below is the error.
    ConfigMgr 2007: MPControl.log shows HttpSendRequestSync fails with status code 500 ‘Internal Server Error
    Now this error has attacked my another secondary server. basic troubleshooting what technet has suggested i’ve tried but so far no luck. I think its issue in AD(SPN) related…..
    My SCCM hierarchy is as below
    Central server
    Primary Server for HO locations as 1000+ systems are there and 40 secondary sites national as well international(30national+10int’nal)
    if anything else is required then let me know…..

  30. Marcus Jakimik says:

    Hi Anoop,
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I have a very specific question. We are running SCCM 2007 R2 on a Server 2003, and we want to do an OS upgrade to Server 2008 R2. We would like to do an in place upgrade if possible. Is this even possible, to upgrade the OS on a SCCM 2007 r2 site. And if it is possible, can you please link me to where I can find the steps to do this. Thank You so much

  31. Sajeesh says:

    Hi Anoop,

    This is Sajeesh, I am a windows admin, I am in a initial process of learning SCCM 2012. Can you suggest me institute for best knowledge transfer and practical experience on SCCM.

  32. Sajeesh says:

    Institute in and around bangalore

  33. Abdul says:

    Hi Anoop,
    Can I get any document for complaints configuration for an account policy and password policy using sccm 2012. Actually I am strugling on this.

  34. sai kiran says:

    sir , i need to learn scom 2007 and sccm

    pls help me on how to start and important topics

  35. Hello Anoop, I am following you on your blog and twitter because I realized that you write great content related to SCCM, I’m starting to work with SCCM here in Brazil. Congratulations for the work.

    I wonder if you have seen the following issue with SCCM 2012 R2 OSD with Windows 7.

    I’m doing a deploy with Windows 7 Enterprise x64 SP1 with SCCM 2012 R2 and are not applying the information in the unattend.xml file and does not appear in the error log, it even shows some information in the log that are within the unattend as it was applying . I did a deploy using Windows 8.1 and SCCM 2012 R2 normalemente applied the response file. Have you seen this problem?

    Thanks for your attention;

  36. Arshad says:

    unable to deploy IE 11 (for windows 7 sp1) as Msi package from SCCM 2012 R2, Even which we convert IE 11 Exe to MSI Package unable install Manually on Machine .Kindly advise or link for the same.
    My current windows 7 users having IE 8 & IE 9

    (2) I was tried deploy (sp2) some M/C WINDOWS 7 (64 bit or 32 bit) , But not succeeded & My sccm Report show as Compliant & user software center show as installed. But Actually not, Any idea …….

    My EMAIL:

    Best Regard’s,


  37. Ranganath says:

    Hi Anoop,

    Need your help! i’m not a sql guy and dont want to get the following info from a query limited to a following collection:

    In sccm 2012, i goto reporting – queries -> create query

    select Distinct SMS_R_System.NetbiosName from SMS_R_System where SMS_R_System.ResourceId in (select SMS_R_System.ResourceID from SMS_R_System inner join SMS_G_System_ADD_REMOVE_PROGRAMS on SMS_G_System_ADD_REMOVE_PROGRAMS.ResourceID = SMS_R_System.ResourceId where SMS_G_System_ADD_REMOVE_PROGRAMS.DisplayName like “%adobe%”) or SMS_R_System.ResourceId in (select SMS_R_System.ResourceID from SMS_R_System inner join SMS_G_System_ADD_REMOVE_PROGRAMS_64 on SMS_G_System_ADD_REMOVE_PROGRAMS_64.ResourceID = SMS_R_System.ResourceId where SMS_G_System_ADD_REMOVE_PROGRAMS_64.DisplayName like “%adobe%”) order by SMS_R_System.NetbiosName

    the problem with this query is that it displays only computer names, i need the output in the below format:

    Computer(s) Name App Name(that sccm has searched for)
    Computer1, Computer3 Adobe Acrobat
    Computer2, Computer4, computer5 Adobe Flash

    Thanks in advance!

  38. Robin Roy says:

    Hi Anoop,

    I have installed SCCM 2012 Config manager, but only 4 out of 200+ Computer got the client installed. I tried to run the client installation manually in few computers still it did not work. How can I resolve the issue? Can I have your email id too?

  39. Gurudatt says:

    Hey Anoop.

    Thanks for this contribution. You have done a great work for SCCM.

    Gurudatt Vaidya

  40. Hi Anoop, Thanks a ton for your excellent posts,
    I need a hand from you. How can we clear the cache C:\Windows\ccmcache from all the SCCM2012 ? I have configured web catalog in my environment and people used to install SQL,Visual Studio etc from there and cache folder becoming huge in size.

  41. Dhaval says:


    I am trying to do a POC for SCCM 2012 R2 + Intune to manage mobile devices. Can I have public domain name and my AD Domain name same? For e.g(if i have a public domain name and AD Domain name as
    Appreciate your help.

    • Anoop says:

      Hi Dhaval ! – It should work but I’ve never tried. Wait let me think 🙂 Actually I don’t know whether it will work or not. But it should work.

      Are you planning to have ADFS or using DirSync to sync users from on prem AD to AAD?

  42. Dhaval says:

    Hi Anup, I am planning to use DirSync to sync the users.

  43. hamzahkurdi8 says:

    Hi Anoop,

    I’ve been trying to find your email but no luck.

    I have a few queries for you, so drop me a message on if you have the time.



  44. Vish says:

    Hi Anoop,
    I am interested in learning SCCM 2012, please let me know if there are any batches in Mumbai.

  45. Gregg says:

    Seems like a great site, thank you for your efforts! I have been asked to create a plan to do ZTI fat-image deployments at three sites using MS tools, beginning in June with a deadline for completion of Aug 15th. The sites contain about 700 machines total including 350 tablets with no integrated NIC. I would most likely be working on my own part time on this project since I have other daily roles and tasks and our shop is too small to involve anyone else. Unfortunately we don’t have any experience in house with the MS tools, and looking at many references it seems the learning curve is very steep and therefore our timeline is probably too short but I can’t say that without some backing from people with experience. How long would you expect it to take for someone who has not used MDT/WDS/SCCM (yet) to be able to successfully configure a multi-site installation and begin deploying images?

    • Anoop says:

      Hi ! – Yes, learning curve is steep. I would always suggest to assign this work to a “experienced” consultant if you never worked on technologies like SCCM, MDT, WDS etc.. You need to start the project in June only 2 months left. OK, I think, you can get knowledge about SCCM and other related technologies with 2 months but it would really difficult to handle the situation when you’re live with migrations from June !! You may need to setup SCCM infrastructure but further down the line, you would be struggling down the line to optimize and customize your deployments, troubleshooting etc… you would need a hand holding of an expert consultant for sure !!



  46. Sudarsan says:

    Hi Anoop,

    Do you have any documents and videos for System center orchestrator?

  47. Sabi says:

    Hi Anoop,

    We are facing some issue when we want to uninstall Programs in Windows 7 which have been installed with the logged on user’s rights.

    We are using SCCM 2007 and have packages installing “Only when a user is logged on” and “Run with user rights”. We did this way package to run with user rights due to the application functionality.

    But the problem comes when we try to Uninstall the current package, we run a vbs script with admin rights to uninstall the current version before the install of the upgraded version, the VBS scripts runs with admin rights and a result the can’t the application under programs and features on the system.
    When we run the .vbs script with user right it work for the only that user who had previously logged on to that pc, so if the second user logs on get error when uninstalling the pervious application as it was installed under his user rights.

    I know this is a very tricky situation but can please help.


  48. Sudhakar says:

    Hi Anoop,
    I am facing issue while deployment of Visio 2013(32-Bit) on Window 8(x64) Surface Pro thorugh SCCM 2012 Push Method.
    Pull method and manual Install working fine.

    It get hang at the below point

    2015/04/06 14:41:41:240::[9716] Using setup controller dll at [C:\Windows\ccmcache\3d\Source\x86\visstd.ww\OSETUP.DLL].
    2015/04/06 14:41:41:240::[9716] PERF: TickCount=25384234 Name=OBootStrapper::Run Description=Calling RunSetup

  49. Ganapathy says:

    Hi ALL,

    I have one CAS and a primary and some 30 DPs. Where i have requirment to patch the DMZ servers (around 30 servers) . If i install a primary on the DMZ what are all the ports to be opened . Can any one hlep ..

    • Anoop says:

      Hi ! – you would not be able to install primary server as you need to open loads of ports for 2 way trust between the domains which CAS is located. So it won’t be really possible to install primary server rather you can try to install site systems like DP, MP and SUP

  50. Ganapathy says:

    Hey thanks a lot Anoop. What are the ports that i need to open if i install a site systems in the DMZ with DP MP and SUP role. Can you please help.
    TCP 8530,8531,135,80,443
    UDP 135

    What i have mentioned above is right ?

  51. Sudarsan says:

    Hi Anoop,

    Need your help to understand the following scenario, In our environment planning to deploy updates using sccm 2012. my query is that I am planning to configure maintenance window(without configuring max runtime), we never patched the servers for years, so many updates needs to be installed and the maintenance windows will be 5-6 hours, take a scenario that I pushed 50 applicable updates to client and it is installing, mean time maintenance window completed during 43rd update, what will happen to rest of the updates and the update with already started to install. this info is really required to have the patching planned accordingly. Please help.


  52. Ganapathy says:

    Hello Anoop,
    i am going to migrate the sccm 2007 to 2012 .. Can i use the same installation accounts what i used for SCCM 2007. If not what are the accounts that needs to be created for installation SCCM 2012 and SQL.

  53. sabi swaminathan says:

    SCCM Collection Query to check Outlook.exe on Win 7 x86 and x64

    I need to use a single collection to target both win7(x86) and win7(x64) builds to check if Outlook.exe is installed under program files, but the problem is under Win7(x86) Install directory is under “C:\Program Files\” and Win7(x64) Install directory is under “C:\Program Files(x86)\” hence I can’t target using one collection
    The script I’m using below targets on Win7(x86) but not Win7(x64)

    Can you please help with a WMI query where I can target both Win7(x86) and (x64) to check if Outlook.exe is installed

    “SELECT SMS_R_SYSTEM.Client , SMS_R_SYSTEM.Name, SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceID, SMS_G_System_SoftwareFile.FilePath, SMS_G_System_SoftwareFile.FileName, SMS_G_System_SoftwareFile.FileVersion FROM SMS_R_System INNER JOIN SMS_G_System_SoftwareFile ON SMS_G_System_SoftwareFile.ResourceId = SMS_R_System.ResourceId WHERE SMS_G_System_SoftwareFile.FilePath LIKE “%Program Files\\Microsoft Office\\Office14\\” AND SMS_G_System_SoftwareFile.FileName = ” WINWORD.EXE” AND SMS_G_System_SoftwareFile.FileVersion LIKE “14.%”

  54. Phil says:

    Love your site Anoop – you’ve saved me hours of googling over the years. Nice.

  55. Sabir says:

    Hi Anoop,

    Gud Morning

    Am Sabir working in a University in UAE, we implemented sccm 1511 one Primary site server in our HQ and additional DP in one of our Remote site. Management decides to extend this to our another remote locations. Could u please suggest a an option for HA. I mean if my primary site fails , need to continue the operations in the remote DP’s. Presently the Primary site database is running SQL cluster. If i add additional Management point will it help me.We are using for OSD,Server Patching, Application / Software Deployment & Reporting Please advice

    Appreciate your assistance


    • Anoop says:

      Hi Sabir ! – HA and DR are very good topics 🙂 First of for SCCM do we need very sophisticated HA solution like exchange servers or mail system? Is that so critical? If the businesses OP COs in the organization can work without SCCM primary server then we don’t need to think about 2-3 hours of Primary server down time. And the fact is within 2-3 hours, you can restore the primary server. Does that make sense for your organization? That is the question you wanted to ask yourself. If you can’t have 10-20 minutes of download time then scenario is different…

      So generally, SCCM doesn’t have pure HA solution for site servers like SCCM Primary server. However, you can have HA options for site system roles like SQL, MPs, SUPs, DPs etc…. May be you are fine with site system HA options …



  56. Hi Anoop, do you have an up to date version of the script located on your page “” for SCCM 2012 and beyond? Any way to use PowerShell to achieve the same results or to help gather the data?

    • Anoop says:

      Hi ! – Sorry, I never used this one for SCCM 2012 and SCCM CB. So not very sure whether this will work. I’m still a newbie in PowerShell world hence no clue. But from a strategic perspective, I would suggest to use PS rather than VBS 🙂


  57. Pascal Bilat says:

    Hi Anoop, how can I add in SCCM Queries a right click action to export the result for ex. as text or csv file? (I use now Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V; but I have no header information); I’m missing this feature in SCCM 2012.


    Pascal Bilat

  58. Joji says:

    Hi Anoop, Do you have any idea what could be the root cause for the error in IIS? Incoming folder have the rights and reinstalled BITS as well.

    BITS_POST /CCM_Incoming/{99F4C7AC-93E7-4807-B48D-82B7069BF69C} (bits_error:,501,0×80070005) 443 – Microsoft+BITS/7.5 501 0 0 0

  59. Dilipkumar says:

    Hello sir,
    Dilip here i have been learning SCCM & Interested in grow my knowledge on SCCM by Working on the Tool can u please suggest !
    Moreover i work for same company.
    Can i get appointment to meet you .

    Thanking you.

  60. Barry Eisenberg says:

    Anoop, I came across a post where you were asking about integration of Intune with Symantec MPKI instead of MS PKI. The question was regarding needing an NDES server. From the replies, it wan’t clear to me if you ever got a clear answer.

    I have the same question. We need to integrate our Symantec MPKI with mobile devices managed using Intune and Office 365 for the purpose of dynamically generating certificates for WiFi and VPN access to corporate systems.

    Can you share what you found out (if anything). Thanks

  61. Barry Eisenberg says:

    Thanks for the quick response. I’ll bring it back up with the Microsoft team, but about how long ago was that if you don’t mind my asking.

  62. Andrea Motta says:

    Hi Anoop,

    Hope you are well.

    I am writing from 360 GSP, a company based in Wembley that have been providing IT Training, Consultancy and Support to individual students since 2003.
    We recently included your blog in our Blog Awards – Top 50 Blogs in IT (click here to read the post: ). If you are so inclined, I would love for you to share our post with your audience.

    Thank you for your cooperation!


    Andrea Motta
    Marketing and PR Assistant
    360 GSP IT Training & Recruitment

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