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Hi, I’m Anoop C Nair. I’m the person behind this website. Thank you for visiting the website and about me page! My website is all about Microsoft technologies. More about ConfigMgr (a.k.a SCCM), Intune, Mobile Device Management and all other technologies which are interesting for me. However, larger percentage of my posts are related to SCCM. Normally, like to post the interesting issues which I came across in my day to day tech life. Recent times, one of my popular post is SCCM training Videos. in July 2015, I received Microsoft MVP award for Enterprise Client Management (SCCM + Intune …).

I use this blog as my technical notebook or diary. I’ve 13-plus years (calculation done on the year 2014) of experience in Information Technology (a.k.a IT) and since 2006 am working with SMS 2003,  SCCM 2007 and now SCCM 2012.

I receive lots of queries like “How to Start Lerning SCCM” or “How to Learn SCCM”  or  “How to become expert in SCCM” from the technology enthusiasts. I used to refer them to some of the online resources. I always had a feeling that one or two links won’t help people to learn any new technologies. They also need motivation and real world experience to overcome the “inertia”. I thought of putting my experience into a post so that people can start learning SCCM (or any new technology). Are you “really” interested to learn SCCM/Intune? I’ve a post How to Learn SCCM in this post, it’s explained  my experience of learning.

I’ve created TechNet forum account back in Jan 29, 2010 since then I’m technical community person. I been Microsoft Community Contributor for 24 months. This website has been listed in “BizTech magazine recognizes 50 smart, useful and informative blogs in IT and small business” for couple of years.

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