2024 Strategic Technology Trends Aligned with MS Ignite 2023 Announcements

Let’s learn 2024 Strategic Technology Trends after checking the Ignite 2024 keynotes. We think the strategic trends are going to be in line with Generative AI (Artificial Intelligence). The strategic technology trends include significant disruption & opportunity for IT leaders.

Microsoft Ignite 2023 will provide a technology trend for the next year(s), and Microsoft is a copilot company, says Satya Nadella. This post gives a detailed overview of high-level strategic trends in technology. Gartner and IDC also provide technology trends for 2024.

These trends in strategic technologies will help organisations focus on IT budgets and build and protect the organization while generating value. Values in organizations are a set of core beliefs held by an organisation. Technologies are improving daily, and Artificial intelligence helps your organization build and protect itself while generating value.

As per Gartner, the value-generating technologies are categorized into 3 sections and show the top 10 strategic technology trends. It includes AI as Partner AI Trust Risk and Security Management (AI TRiSM), Protect Future Sustainable Technology etc.

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Ignite 2023 Announcements – Trend Settings for Industry

Let’s have a quick walkthrough of Ignite 2023 Announcements and find out what trend settings innovations are coming for the IT Industry.

  • Microsoft is already adding AI components to every product. Now adding integrating AI power to the processors as well.
  • AI-powered processors (Maia) are also coming out. The Microsoft Azure Cobalt CPU was the first developed by Microsoft for the Microsoft Cloud.

SharePoint Premium Microsoft’s new AI-powered solution transforms content management and experiences, preparing content for Microsoft Copilot. More details on trend setting announcements from Microsoft is available at Microsoft Ignite 2023 Book of News.

  • Microsoft Teams – AI-driven feature is an advanced noise suppression capability
  • Microsoft Copilot – Microsoft Copilot for Azure boosts productivity with generative AI. With Copilot in Microsoft Fabric in every data experience for end-users.
  • Microsoft Copilot for Sales will boost enhancements and integration partnerships
  • Microsoft Entra Universal Conditional Access to any network destination like an external website or non-federated SaaS applications – without the need to change these applications.
2024 Strategic Technology Trends Aligned with MS Ignite 2023 Announcements 1
2024 Strategic Technology Trends after MS Ignite 2023 – Image Credits to Microsoft

2024 Trends in Unified Endpoint Management

Microsoft Intune is going to dominate the Unified Endpoint Management (Tool) field. Microsoft security copilot will get more effective in 2024, which will take Intune’s adoption to the next level.

Microsoft’s Cloud PKI solution and its integration options with on-prem PKI are also going to get more traction from customers in 2024.

2024 Strategic Technology Trends after MS Ignite 2023 Fig.2
2024 Strategic Technology Trends after MS Ignite 2023 Fig. 2

Build and Protect Your Organization While Generating Value

The expected trends help to Build and protect your organization’s value. They are categorized into 3 categories. It includes options such as Protect Your Investment, Rise of the Builders, and Deliver the Value. The following are the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends.

2024 Strategic Technology Trends after MS Ignite 2023 - Fig.3
2024 Strategic Technology Trends after MS Ignite 2023 – Fig.3

What are the Advantages of Gartner’s Strategic Technology Trends?

Strategic Technology Trends by Gartner | 2024

Garners technology trends are the core themes for business. These technologies help to build the right solutions for the stakeholders at the right time. The following are the advantages.

1. It helps to enhance resilience
2. It helps to maximise the value of data
3. It allows to achieve ESG goals
4. It promotes driving growth
5. It helps to accelerate digital business

Technology Decisions to Make in the Next 3 Years

Garners Technology Trends allows you to make decisions in the next 3 years. AI TRiSM is the first step of the technology trend in the next 3 years. Democratized Generative AI is the second step and AI-augmented development, Intelligent Application.

2024 Strategic Technology - Fig.4
2024 Strategic Technology Trends after MS Ignite 2023 – Fig.4

2024 Strategic Technology

Garner and IDC Strategic Technology predictions for 2024 are already available. The following table gives you a bird’s view of Tech Industry Trends for the year 2024.

These technology trends help businesses respond to the changing market faster, optimize operations and make more informed decisions. You can download the full report from Gartner and IDC. The links are available at the bottom of this post.

Gartner’s 2024 TrnedsIDC’s 2024 Trends
AI as Partner AI Trust Risk and Security Management (AI TRiSM)Shift of Core IT Spending to AI Initiatives
Be Safe Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM)IT Industry AI Pivot – AI-enhanced products/services
Protect Future Sustainable TechnologyInfrastructure Turbulence – major workload and resource shifts to AI
Developer Driven Self Service Platform EngineeringGreat Data Grab – feeding AI models and applications
Accelerate Creation AI Augmented DevelopmentIT Skills Mismatch – Inadequate training in AI, cloud, data, security, and emerging tech fields
Tailor Your Work Industry Cloud PlatformsServices Industry Transformation – GenAI will trigger a shift in human-delivered services
Optimize Decision Making Intelligent ApplicationUnified Control – maturation of control platforms challenges
Power and Responsibility Democratized Generative AIConverged AI – Stay focused on long-term AI initiatives
Push the Pioneers Augmented Connected WorkforceDigital High Frontier – Satellite-based Internet connectivity will deliver broadband everywhere
Buyers with Byte(s): Machine CustomersLocational Experience – Gen AI to enhance their edge computing use cases
2024 Strategic Technology Trends after MS Ignite 2023 – Table.1

Download Technology Trends 2024 PDF

You can download the Technology Trends 2024 PDF files from Gartner and IDC for free. You just need to register; email confirmation is required for IDC but not for Gartner.

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