25 Years ConfigMgr and Special Microsoft MVP Summit at Redmond


It’s a great experience to work with Microsoft SCCM product group and fellow MVPs to brainstorm and enhance SCCM/ConfigMgr. Microsoft MVP summit 2017 is very special for SCCM MVPs because ConfigMgr reached it’s 25th year anniversary. The device management journey of SMS (previous version of SCCM) started back in 1992. In this post, we will see more details about “25 Years ConfigMgr and Special Microsoft MVP Summit at Redmond.”

I started working with SMS 2003 back in 2005, and that was early stages of my IT career. I enjoy the career as an SCCM admin and this changed my life. SCCM evolved through years, and so as my career.  I switched cities and jobs but not the product which I love 😉

25 Years of ConfigMgr and Special Microsoft MVP Summit - Redmond

It’s a great experience to work very closely with SCCM product group (developers) and to understand their side of the story. New exciting features are getting cooked by SCCM product team and they are getting ready for next SCCM CB preview release. Also, loads of innovations are planned for SCCM CB 1802 release.

This is my third trip to Redmond, and it’s always exciting to get to know more about the insides of SCCM product. Also, great to be part of brainstorming sessions with SCCM product group. SCCM product team is always ready to listen to the real world challenges from MVPs. And provide solutions for those challenges.

Hear from SCCM Product Group 


ConfigMgr SCCM Reaches 25 Years – here

History of SCCM and very interesting numbers – here


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