92 Pages SCCM ConfigMgr Free eBook from Microsoft Experts

92 Pages SCCM ConfigMgr Free eBook from Microsoft Experts. Wow, excellent news for ConfigMgr SCCM support folks. Microsoft experts in ConfigMgr published a free eBook which talks about WMI, WMI Scripting, Custom Reporting, OSD troubleshooting, and SSRS reports integration with SCCM.

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Authors are Rushi Faldu, Manish Raval, Brandon Linton, Kaushal Pandey, and the System Center series editor Mitch Tulloch.

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92 Pages SCCM ConfigMgr 2012 Free eBook from Microsoft Experts

The target audience for this book is administrators who have at least three years of experience working with previous versions of Configuration Manager and who have begun deploying and using Configuration Manager 2012 in their environment.

Download the PDF file.

Descriptions in some more details !!

  • Introduction to WMI in ConfigMgr 2012
  • Interaction Between the Site Server and the ConfigMgr Client
  • Reading form the SMS Provider, WMI Scripting and SCCM 2012 SDK
  • ConfigMgr Custom Reporting
  • SCCM 2012 SQL database design
  • SCCM 2012 Database Tables and Views
  • Difference between SCCM 2012 Tables and Views
  • SQL Inner Joins abd Left Outer joins
  • Integrating SQL server Reporting Services with SCCM 2012
  • Customizing SSRS reports for SCCM 2012
  • Customizing function based SCCM 2012 build-in reports
  • Operating System Deployment Tips
  • Boot Images, Driver Management, UEFI, Offline Servicing
  • OSD Task Sequences
  • New Application Model in Task Sequence
  • Troubleshooting using CMtrace and centralized logging

7 thoughts on “92 Pages SCCM ConfigMgr Free eBook from Microsoft Experts”

  1. Thanks Anoop , I have a question regading SCCM 2012 Sp1

    We have setup application catalogue & i really love it reduce our job of association of application to users or to system collections.

    Only disadvantage of App catalogue is & because of that our client want it go back to manual job of associations is Once an application has been approved by an administrator there’s no way we can disapprove them later or may be if user have requested it by mistake or we donot have license & we have approved it by mistake .

    Do you have any suggestions any way we can tackle this problem i tried google couldnt find much in this regard.

    • Lets wait for CM12 R2 to check whether there is any change with that in R2 release or not 🙂 Otherwise need to use flexera app portal for customization and features.

    • R2i s getting rtm’ed on 18th October 2013. One thing I’m sure is that the native application catalog won’t give loads of features as flexera application catalog

      • i really hate that buying another flexara tool , We are using Admin studio standard edition doesnt have Flexara application catalog in it,

        How tough is flexera configuration with sccm ?

        Flexera app catalog thing does provide that feature where we can unapprove an application that is already approved & user would get the application uninstalled from there machine ?

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