Learn How to Access WVD Resources from iOS Devices|Remote Resources

In this post you learn how to access WVD resources from iOS or iPadOS devices. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section of the post. Let’s dive into Access WVD Hostpool from iOS Devices options from iOS RD Client.


You need to have WVD setup ready before you try accessing the remote resources. The Microsoft Remote Desktop application requires iOS 13.0 or later.

Download – Microsoft Remote Desktop Client

This MS remote desktop application for iOS is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. Remote Desktop application supports English and 15 more other languages.

WVD Hostpool from iOS
RD Client – WVD Resources from iOS
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Start Accessing WVD Resources from iOS Devices

Once the application is installed on your iOS or iPadOS device, accessing WVD hostpool is straight forward. Let’s go through the following steps:

Patch My PC

To add a remote resource:

  • On the RD app home page – tap on +, and then tap Add Workspace.
Add Workspace
Add Workspace
  • On the Add Workspace page
Add URL for RD Web client
Add URL for RD Web client
  • It shall redirect to Microsoft Authenticator for authenticate with WVD hostpool with your Azure AD ID
  • Once authenticated, you can see Remote Apps, Remote Desktops assigned to your profile
  • Click on the Remote Desktop icon to launch RD client
  • Enter your user name and password
  • Tap Continue
iOS RD Client for WVD Hostpool
iOS RD Client for WVD Hostpool
  • Once you connected to VM via iOS RD client, the display of VM will be shown as below
  • You can see Zoom-in, RD Client, and Keyboard icons
RD Client accessing Windows 10 VM
RD Client accessing Windows 10 VM
  • Another display options for iOS RD Client
    • PCs
    • Apps
PCs and APPs - iOS RD Clients
PCs and APPs – iOS RD Clients


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