How to Take Backup Laptop Desktop Machines

Veeam Endpoint Backup is the first “FREE” enterprise class Endpoint backup solution. Recently veeam has announced the general availability of production version of the Endpoint backup solution.  I’ve posted the detailed step by step guide to configure the beta version of Veeam Endpoint backup solution “How to Take Backup of Desktop Laptop Machines and Protect Data Using Veeam Endpoint“. Also there is post with video tutorial about “How to Recover a Laptop OS plus Data with Veeam Endpoint Backup“.

Veeam-Endpoint Backup

Veeam Endpoint Backup is the product that you want use to protect your physical computer. Veeam Endpoint Backup solution can take the backup of your computer when you’re working on a system with loads of websites, applications already open. Veeam Endpoint Backup creates a Microsoft VSS snapshot of the volume whose data you want to back up. Microsoft VSS helps Veeam Endpoint to take a snapshot of the volume and start taking backup of your laptop/desktop.

Veeam endpoint backup is very easy to backup and restore.  When your system crashes, hard drive fails, or a file gets corrupted or accidentally deleted, you can recover what you need in minutes as I’ve shown in the following video (for beta version of the endpoint backup). If you have any questions about Veeam Endpoint Backup, you may use the following resources:-

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