How to Take Backup of Desktop Laptop Machines and Protect Data Using Veeam Endpoint

Veeam Endpoint Backup is the first FREE enterprise class Endpoint backup solution. I had a chance to test the early beta version of the product. My first experience with Veeam Endpoint backup was awesome!! I’ve tried FULL system backup, Volume level and File Level backup. It was very efficient and easy to take backup and restore. This backup solution is for protecting your personal data on laptops and desktops hence Veeam had made it very user friendly. The entire process was so easy and user friendly. The installation of the Veeam Endpoint backup is very straight forward and it took only 10-15 minutes. Very easy to schedule regular backup of laptops and desktops. Now, with Veeam Endpoint backup, there is no risk of loosing data 🙂 Moreover the restore of data is also very easy. I’ve another post which discuss about How to Create Recovery Media and Restore Laptop OS plus Data with Veeam Endpoint

To more about how to DOWNLOAD Veeam Endpoint Backup solution read my previous blog post here.


Veeam Endpoint Backup is the product that you want use to protect your physical computer. Veeam Endpoint Backup solution can take the backup of your computer when you’re working on a system with loads of websites, applications already open. Veeam Endpoint Backup creates a Microsoft VSS snapshot of the volume whose data you want to back up. Microsoft VSS helps Veeam Endpoint to take a snapshot of the volume and start taking backup of your laptop/desktop. This make Veeam Endpoint backup application as best enterprise class solution for computer backup. With Veeam Endpoint backup, you can create recovery media for your operating system, I’ll cover that in my next post.

In this post I’m going to cover the following topics !!

What is the Architecture of Veeam Endpoint Backup ?
Where can we take the backup of laptop/desktop?
What are the backup options available with Veeam Endpoint backup solution?
What are the types of backup files ?
What are the Restore options ?


Veeam Endpoint Backup Architecture

There are 3 important components in Veeam Endpoint Backup.

  1. Veeam Endpoint Service is a Microsoft Windows service responsible for performing all kind of backup and restore tasks on the computer.
  2. Veeam Endpoint SystemTray Service is a Veeam Backup Endpoint tray agent that communicates with the Veeam Endpoint Service.
  3. To store its configuration data, Veeam Endpoint Backup uses the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express Local DB Edition.



Where can we take the backup of laptop/desktop?

Removable storage devices (USB more than 32 GB or External HDD)
Local computer drive
Network shared folder
Backup repository connected to the Veeam backup server

In the following example, I’ve taken full backup of my laptop Dell Latitude with 2 TB external HDD.


I had 400 GB of used space (data) in my laptop and the full Veeam Endpoint backup got completed with in 2.3 hours. Super cool isn’t it ? Earlier, I used to trouble getting my documents, pictures and videos copied over to external HDD. Now, with Veeam Endpoint solution, it’s pretty easy.


What are the backup options available with Veeam Endpoint backup solution?

  1. Entire Computer – The highlight in this entire computer backup is “Backup of entire computer while excluding unnecessary files like recycle bin, temporary and page files”.
  2. Volume-level backup – Volume level backup allows only the selected volumes like system volume and data volumes.
  3. File-level backup – File level backup helps to backup individual folders and files by mask. This backup mode creates an image based backup with only selected files included in the image.


I’ve already successfully completed all the 3 types of backups. Entire Computer, Volume Based and File Based Backup !! See the following screenshot.


What are the types of backup files ?

VBK – full backup file : Veeam Backup & Replication full backup file.
VIB – incremental backup file : Veeam Backup & Replication incremental backup file.
VBM – backup metadata file : Veeam Backup & Replication backup chain metadata file.


What are the Restore options ?

Volume-Level Restore : If data on a computer volume gets corrupted, you can restore this volume from the backup.
File-level restore : If you have lost or erroneously modified files and folders on your computer.


Volume Level Restore from Local storage. Veeam Endpoint Recovery will search all local computer storage for endpoint backup files and display the last available restore point below.


File Level Restore : Veeam Backup Browser to restore the file ConfigMgrTools.msi . There are two options of file level restore. 1) Overwrite and  2) Keep. When you select Overwrite it will overwrite the file from the original location. When you select keep, the file get restored on “C:\VeeamFLR\SCCZ\Volume2” .


More details about file level backup !!


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