ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 KB 2801987 Confusing Information in KB Article

Another confusion, Confusing information provided in KB 2801987 release description and installation wizard. The KB article, 2801987 hotfix for MicrosoftPolicyPlatformSetup.msi error, says it this hotfix should be installed to all primary site servers.  However, Wizard says this should be applicable for CAS as well. Do we really need to install this hotfix on the CAS server that is not going to manage any clients ? Or is this just another typo from Microsoft Winking smile


The hotfix installation wizard provides some confusing information.

          1. You can apply this update directly to the following : Central Administrative Site (CAS).

2. This Update contains updates for the following : Central Administrative Site (CAS).


You can also get the more details about this patch installation from the following log file configmgr2012-sp1-kb2801987-x64-enu.log.

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6 thoughts on “ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 KB 2801987 Confusing Information in KB Article”

  1. Hi, Anoop!
    So, I’m confused. Is it needed to install this update to central site? do u have new info about this? A lot of Thanks!

  2. Hi, Anoop!
    I’ve installed patch two days ago and still had error about MicrosoftPolicyPlatformSetup.msi after installing clients. Do you know something about this problem?
    Only KB2756872 resolved my problem.

  3. I have this update and I’m still getting the error. l Couldn’t verify ‘C:\WINDOWS\ccmsetup\MicrosoftPolicyPlatformSetup.msi’ authenticode signature. Return code 0x800b0101
    I can’t even uninstall and reinstall KB2756872


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