FIX SCCM Hash Mismatch Issues Troubleshooting Guide

Hash Mismatch issues can be a big headache for the technical teams. Through this post, I am trying to document the SCCM Hash Mismatch issue in my terms. Most of the Hash Mismatch issues are identified through CAS.log “Hash does not match expected.”

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FIX SCCM Hash Mismatch Issues Troubleshooting Guide

P.S – Download HASHDIR.EXE (This HASHDIR.EXE won’t work with SCCM Current Branch) – . However, you can try to download the script to fix SCCM content mismatch issues here. WMI & ContentLib mismatch – Get-InvalidPKG.

FIX  SCCM Hash Mismatch Issues Troubleshooting Guide
FIX SCCM Hash Mismatch Issues Troubleshooting Guide

There could be several reasons for the Hash Mismatch issue, such as explained below. FIX SCCM Hash Mismatch Issues Troubleshooting Guide.

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1. For Windows 2008 site servers, check whether the below settings are enabled in IIS.  For a distribution point that allows clients to transfer content from this distribution point using BITS, HTTP, and HTTPS, for WebDAV Behavior, set Allow hidden files to be listed to True.

2. ConfigMgr 2007 clients may fail to download packages from a Server Share DP with a content hash mismatch error. There is a known issue with IIS 6.0 WEBDAV that occurs when the Virtual Directory points to the root of the drive as the path, such as Z:\.  This causes our failure above.

3.  Attempts to update or distribute a package to a Branch DP fail with HostingIncomplete and PDPHashMismatchEvent error. Every indication is that this is a hash mismatch; however, testing shows that the hash matches and the directory contents are the same on the Source, DP, and BDP, the only indication of the hash mismatch is in the peerdpagent.log.

4. SMSTS error “Hash could not be matched for the downloaded content.” When deploying a software package in SCCM 2007 via a Task Sequence, containing files containing names containing extended ASCII characters, the Task Sequence may fail with an error code 80004005.  An example would be the Spanish word año, where there’s a tilde over the ‘n.’


In my case, the issue was different. If I have a Hash Mismatch issue in the environment, I always prefer to compare the size of packages in the local DP and the parent server? (there could be some diff in size… maybe in KBs or Bytes). Also, compare the PCK file size on both servers? FIX SCCM Hash Mismatch Issues Troubleshooting Guide.

Documented process FIX SCCM Hash Mismatch Issues Troubleshooting Guide

1. Update the package and wait for 1 or 2 hours, depending upon the connectivity.

2. Check the CAS.log to confirm whether the issue has been resolved or not.

3. If “Not Resolved,” then go to step 4.

4. Sometimes, Hash Mismatch may happen because of some hidden files. To resolve that, open up a command window in the root directory that contains your package.

Type Dir /S /A: H and hit enter.
Type attrib -H /S.

5 . Update the package and wait for 1 or 2 hours, depending upon the connectivity. If the issue persists, go to step 6.

6. Remove the package and wait for 1 0r 2 hours (ensure that the package is removed from the DP). Also, I would suggest you remove the PCK file related to that package.

7. Re-distribute the package and check whether the issue is resolved.

These steps should resolve most of the Hash Mismatch issues.

P.S – Download HashDir tool and More Details on Hash Mismatch – See, Link

11 thoughts on “FIX SCCM Hash Mismatch Issues Troubleshooting Guide”

  1. Hi Anoop ,
    Very nice informative document on Hash mismatch, we recently had a big issue regarding hash mismatch in our enviornment, took really long to resolve.This article would be very helpfull for dealing issues like this in future .
    Thanks a ton… 🙂

  2. Hi,
    In our environment Hash Mismatch cause has never been identified as it’s intermittent : for ex : there are 2 packages replicated at same time containing same source (for certain reason) will also give a hash mismatch error during RAP execution for one app and not for other.

    What we have observed there is some issue between the PCK file and final copy that gets downloaded on the client.

    Our workaround that has always worked for us is :

    – Remove the package from DP.
    – Wait for the update to happen.
    – Update the source version of the package so that PCK file is updated.
    – Replicate the package to the required DP.

    It works now as it should.

  3. Hi All,
    I am trying figure out one script that will tell which all package missmatch from the source to destination . Can any one help me regarding this . Any input much appreciated

  4. Hi Anoop,

    I have dont everything what you have done. But i am getting error when i am creating the Standalone media in SCCM 2012.


  5. The following problem happens with Configuration Manager Client Package which can’t be deleted.

    Any idea on what the issue might be? The above did not solved it.

  6. We found hash errors were being caused by ConfigMgr admins opening the package share using Windows Explorer, which was creating desktop.ini and thumbs.db files in the package folders. Creative use of Write:Deny solved the problem.


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