Find Out SCCM ConfigMgr Daily Monthly and Periodic Checklist


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Daily Administrative Task

Check SCCM Site Database Status
Check Site Server Status
Check Site Systems Status
Check Clients Status
Check the Operating System Event Log
Check the SQL Server Error Log
Check System Performance
Check Status Filter Rules
Check the Inboxes to Monitor

Weekly Administrative Task

Checking SCCM site database available space
Checking available disk space
Weekly automated tasks.
Produce and distribute end-user reports.
Run disk defragmentation tools.
Back up application, security, and system event logs.
Delete Unnecessary Files
Delete Unnecessary SCCM Objects
Back Up Application, Security, and System Event Logs

Periodic Administrative Task

Back Up Account Data
Change Accounts and Passwords
Check Network Performance
Review the Security Plan
Review the Maintenance Plan
Perform Recovery Tests in a Test Lab
Check Hardware
Check Site’s Overall Health
Check the Backup Snapshot


  1. Dear Anoop,

    Greetings. Do you have a similar list of support activities/ tasks ( daily/weekly/periodic tasks) for SCSM ( System Center Service Manager). Thank you. Jags

  2. Hi Anoop,
    I am new to real time environment. Can you please list the daily/periodical activities of an SCCM Administrator in detail like the usual reports he generates, log files he checks and any other things he does. Thanks in advance.


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