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This guide shall help you get more details about downloading the SCCM prerequisites (Download Prerequisite Files Offline) files to another computer. This guide helps you to use the option called “Use Previously Downloaded Files” during the primary server setup.


There are loads of posts that help you to download the prerequisites well before SCCM current branch installation so that we can save loads of time:)

Let’s check and learn How to Download SCCM Prerequisite Files in offline mode. The setup file (setupdl.exe), along with some other DLL files, as explained in the below section, help you to download the SCCM CB prerequisites.

  • SMSSETUP\BIN\X64\setupdl.exe.

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Download Prerequisite Files to Another Computer

The following are the step you need to follow to download SCCM setup-related prerequisite files to another computer.

  1. In Windows Explorer, go to either one of the following locations:
    • <SCCM installation media>\SMSSETUP\BIN\X64
    • <SCCM installation path>\BIN\X64
  2. Copy the following files to the same destination folder on the other computer:
    • setupdl.exe
    • .\<language>\setupdlres.dll
      • This file is in the subfolder for the install language. For instance, English is in the 00000409 subfolder.

Example: – As an example, the destination folders on your other computer should look like this:

  • C:\ConfigManInstall\setupdl.exe
  • C:\ConfigManInstall\00000409\setupdlres.dll
Copy the file depending on the language you want
Copy the file depending on the language you want

Let’s Start Download

  • To open Configuration Manager Setup Down Loader tool called Setupdl.exe from SMSSETUP \BIN\X64\ folder.
SETUPDL.EXE from a internet connected x64 bit Windows device - Download Prerequisite Files Offline
SETUPDL.EXE from an internet connected x64 bit Windows device – Download Prerequisite Files Offline
  • Select a path where updated Prerequisite files should be downloaded from “Configuration Manager Setup Downloader tool
Prerequisite File storage path
Prerequisite File storage path

Result – Prerequisite Files Download

  • Completed the Download of prerequisite files
Download of prerequisite files
The download of prerequisite files

Video Tutorial to learn how to download SCCM ConfigMgr CB prerequisites



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  1. Dear Anoop !
    Hope you are doing well.I am currently planning to deploy sccm current branch 1511 in pilot environment.when I was downloading sccm prerequisite it stuck suddenly after downloading 50 files what would be the cause I don’t knoe cox I didn’t research and troubleshoot.if you know the cause kindly share it.

    Warm Regards,

  2. Hi Anoop,

    I have installed latest hotfix kb4490575 on my SCCM 1810 branch, the installation shows successful but when i checked in “Show Status” it shows post check installation still in progress.

    I have checked all respective log files but nothing unusual found. Please let me know what we can do to fix this “Post Installation in progress issue”

    1) Hotfix shows installed successfully on both the level
    A) Monitoring – update and servicing status – select update package name “…1810 hotfix kb4490575” – show status (update pack installation status)
    B) Administration – update and servicing – Installed (status)
    2) Done multiple reboot and also note the previous hotfix kb4490434 installed successfully

    Fazal Shaikh

  3. Hi sir,
    Please guide step by step I didn’t understand. And I follow your step but still getting error occurs. Please solve me queries


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