How SCCM can Effectively Handle Windows 10 Migrations

Windows 10 migrations are the next biggest challenge for the SCCM admins. Isn’t it ? How many Giga bites of data that we (SCCM admins) need to transfer to remote DPs over the WAN for Windows 10 migrations? Are most of the organizations planning to stay with Windows 10 Current Branch for Business (CBB) or it would be mix of CBB and Long Term Service Branch (LTSB)? More details about Windows 10 branches via Infographics here. I think, there should be scenarios we need to have OSD image for both the branches (CBB and LTSB). This increases the content transfer over the WAN and more headache for SCCM admins. Your existing SCCM infrastructure will really help to achieve Windows 10 migration seamlessly. Here are some of the questions that you wanted to ask before the start of Windows 10 migrations. SCCM Windows 10 Migration-1

Can you view all WAN transfers worldwide? Can you pause, reprioritize, in real-time? Can you select a piece of content (such as an image) and see where it is cached worldwide?

This is always problem with SCCM administrators. SCCM admins struggle to get exact content transfer details. With Adaptiva OneSite‘s LiveFlow, SCCM admin will exactly know, where SCCM data is being transferred at any given point in time, how much more time it’s going to take to complete the package replication. SCCM admins can even think of pausing a replication job and restart it. But with Adaptiva OneSite LiveFlow, SCCM admins will get more power to pause and start the traffic. SCCM Windows 10 Migration-2

How many of your Windows 10 devices connected to cooperate WiFi network? Does Peer to Peer on WiFi work  along very well with SCCM?

WiFi network connections and Windows 10 deployment are always been another headache for SCCM admins. Peer to Peer technologies had technical limitations to cope up with enterprise security requirements. Now with Adaptiva OneSite‘s P2P WiFi Optimizer,  innovative networking  technology that helps overcomes the technical limitations previously associated with running secure, enterprise P2P networks over WiFi. Enterprise can now leverage WiFi networks for peer sharing with SCCM infrastructure wherever desired.SCCM Windows 10 Migration-3

 Can PowerShell automation be used as part of Windows 10 migration project?

PowerShell and Automation are key part of modern IT strategy. Adaptiva OneSite workflow designer can work very well with PowerShell. PowerShell Fusion gives you power to invoke any PowerShell script from within any Adaptiva OneSite workflow and this gives immense power. This kind of automation technologies boost the Windows 10 migrations in very fast manner. Also, there is no limit to what you can accomplish. With Adaptiva Onesite PowerShell Fusion, you can easily integrate with SCCM, Active Directory, Azure, Office 365, Exchange, SQL, and more.SCCM Windows 10 Migration-4

Are you having Quota Based caches with SCCM? Would that impact Windows 10 migration?

Quota based caches are always headache for SCCM admins. Pre allocated disk space on systems and use that space to cache data. SCCM Admin may find it difficult to decide how much space to take away from end users. Yes, this could impact Windows 10 migration and application deployment. The quotas fail to make full use of hard disks especially during migration times. Adaptiva OneSite comes with a solution zero footprint caching. It runs a super-fast, lightweight file system within the unallocated/free disk space on a computer.SCCM Windows 10 Migration-5

 Do you have custom scripts which need to stream line as part of Windows 10 migration?

SCCM team is always in a need of creating scripts and in-house scripts. At the time of Windows 10 migration also we may have this kind of several requirements to create scripts. However, the problem with in-house scripts are that they are not “Enterprise Class“. We can’t manage those tools centrally (remotely)! With Adaptiva Tool Foundry (visual scripting engine) you can create central managed EXE in a fly with workflows.SCCM Windows 10 Migration-6

Adaptiva OneSite addresses most of the headaches of Windows 10 migration. I would suggest to test the solution in the environment (pre production) and make a decision. More details about Adaptive OneSite and download trail version from here.

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