How to Analyse Active Directory Nested Group NTFS and Share Permission

Do you have problems with NTFS permissions and you’re tired of going through windows explorer and checking the permissions and correcting it? There is a tool that can help you with this. Also, you can perform an audit on Active Directory Nested Group’s NTFS and Share Permission Issues. SolarWinds has a Free ToolPermissions Analyzer for Active Directory” which allows us to determine effective NTFS permissions and shares. SolarWinds Free Permission Analyzer tool can assess the NTFS and Share permissions assigned via Active Directory nested groups.


The installation of this tool takes only 2 minutes. Download the Free Permissions Analyzer Tool from here. The advantage is that we can run this tool remotely to check the NTFS permissions. You don’t need to login to each server to check the share and security (NTFS) permissions. Just provide the UNC path of the share and tool will provide you output in very easy understandable way. This graphical representation helps to understand the issues and resolve it.

image Output will be in following form:- Permission Name, Inherited permission or not, NTFS, Share and Total. When a user reports a problem in accessing a network share, the first thing we would like to check whether the user has the appropriate NTFS and share permissions. Windows explorer is the way to assess the problem. However, if you’re supporting an organization with large number of users and the servers are located in different Data Centers then it’s very easy to connect to each server and check the NTFS permissions from the windows Explorer. To view the effective NTFS permissions for a particular user or group, click “Advanced” in the Security properties and then click “Effective Permissions”.

More details about the tool is available once you install “SolarWindsPermissionsAnalyzerTool.MSI” on your workstation.  Look for PermissionsAnalyzer.htm file. This file will have all the requirements and recommendations and how to use steps etc.. More help is available at here in SolarWinds forums.

Also, there is always a confusion within IT pros, what is the difference between NTFS and Share permissions in a shared folder. NTFS is the permission which provides access ( read, write, amend etc) to users or Active directory groups. However, share is just a share permissions, user can just see that share but won’t be able to access the content if she or he won’t have proper NTFS permissions.

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