How to Monitor Apache HTTP Web Servers Sites with SCOM OpsMgr

Before we talk about Website monitoring, it’s better to get some basic details about the website framework. A web framework makes it easier for you to develop your application. A framework is something that prevents you from re-writing this each time you create a website. The LAMP stack is a common framework for both internal and public web sites.  LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (could also be Perl or Python). Monitoring the web server/site performance is crucial to comply with service level agreements or to assure a positive end-user experience. Website are main pillars for the business. SCOM/OpsMgr can’t proactively monitor the health of Websites in depth. It’s very important that proactively monitor and minimize your web server downtime while also understanding and planning for future server load requirements. BridgeWays Management Pack for Apache HTTP enables to perform the proactive monitoring of websites!!

Download the Trail version of Apache HTTP MP – here

MP Bridgeways Apache HTTP Web Server

Bridgeways Apache HTTP Web Server can anticipate performance issues before they impact your website users. With BridgeWays management pack, we can detect and resolve issues accurately and quickly. BridgeWays utilize SCOM’s built-in Health Explorer to help users diagnose and cure issues by providing extensive application specific knowledge base articles. This will effectively help us to identify the root cause and solution for the alert that’s been generated. Plus, BridgeWays have out-of-the-box reports that let you report on the overall health of the server and overall usage patterns.

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  1. For the title I thought it was a tutorial on how to monitor Apache, but when reading the text, you just indicate the Management Pack to be used. Where is the How to do the title?


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