Monitoring Folders Files with SCOM OpsMgr

As an SCCM admin, I would love to monitor Inbox folders of SCCM servers. SCCM CB inbox folders are not very critical as SCCM 2007. But those folders are significant in identifying issues. Monitoring Folders and Files are essential for another application as well.

I have seen IT Pros looking for solutions to monitor their Oracle or SQL or SharePoint application cache folders and files. There are loads of scripts available in the community to monitor the files and folders. But this can cause the impact on the performance of your applications.

Can Monitoring Folders and Files cause performance issue?

Yes, there are possibilities of significant performance impact to your applications if you didn’t configure the monitoring folders and file in a systematic way. As I mentioned above there are many scripts available in the community to monitor folders and files via SCOM. But all are optimised? I don’t think so.

Discovery of folder and files should be optimised 

My recommendation is to configure the discovery of files and folders carefully. This will help us to avoid any performance issues because of discovery and monitoring folders. Run the discovery only on the specific folders. And use optimised SCOM Management Packs (MP) to monitor folders and files.

SCOM Management Pack for Monitoring Folders and Files

Savision Management Pack for SCOM helps to simplify Windows files and folder monitoring. It adds a simple but powerful wizard that provides users with the ability to create rules for monitoring specific Windows files and folders.

This SCOM Management Pack for Monitoring folders and files will be able to easily target the file(s) you want to monitor. You have two options to configure either manually or using a wildcard. Checkout a few options are available in relation to the monitor:-

Whether the files count is too high or too low
Whether the total file size (in kilobytes) is too high or too low
Whether the file’s recent date modified is too old

  Download the SCOM MP for Monitoring Folders


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