How to Monitor IBM PowerHA Servers with SCOM OpsMgr

How to Monitor IBM PowerHA Servers with SCOM OpsMgr? PowerHA is an IBM Power Systems data center solution that helps to protect critical business applications from planned and unplanned outages.

In today’s complex environment, it’s critical to provide continuous service for application components, and High Availability (HA) is one of the components that provide continuous service for the application clients.

Monitor IBM PowerHA

So the major objective of PowerHA is to offer uninterrupted business services by providing redundancy. So the question is how to monitor your PowerHA servers with SCOM?

Monitor IBM PowerHA

Monitoring of PowerHA servers is very critical. Most organizations want to use their existing monitoring solution like SCOM/OpsMgr to monitor the PowerHA.

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This will help get a single pane of glass solution for all the monitoring activities within the organization. NiCE PowerHA MP offers you the power to monitor PowerHA services with SCOM infrastructure.   

NiCE PowerHA Management Pack has Comprehensive PowerHA discovery, IBM PowerHA Alerting, Failover Cluster Detection, Resource Group Monitoring, Native SCOM integration, and loads more exciting features. More details about NiCE PowerHA MP support details are given below.

Read more about NiCE PowerHA Management Pack here.

IBM_PowerHA_SCOM_Monitoring_2 Monitor IBM PowerHA
Monitor IBM PowerHA

Monitor IBM PowerHA

Some other key benefits of NiCE PowerHA MP are a Full overview of the PowerHA landscape, Quickly identifying of issues impacting service availability, High ROI, Visualize capacity shortages and trends…..



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