How to Move SCCM Content Library Folders from One Drive to Another


With the introduction of NEW content management in CM 2012, moving packages from one drive to another was some what complicated for administrators. In SCCM 2007 transfer of  packages from one drive to another drive that is not much complicated. We need to perform couple of changes (in IIS and Shared Folder/s) and we’re done. But the content library transfer is not very easy for CM 12. TechNet forum discussion about the same.


To make the content library transfer easy, Microsoft has put together a tool. The tool is called “ContentLibraryTransfer.exe” and the tool is useful for the scenario when the disk drive hosting the content library becomes full. The Content Library Transfer tool is as part of Configmgr 2012 Toolkit SP1 and available for download Here.

Three Points to be noted before running Content Library Transfer Tool

1. ContentLibraryTransfer.exe must run locally on the distribution point with administrator privileges. Can’t be run from a remote machine. However, we could be able to use psexec and run this tool remotely?

2. For successful transfer of content library, make sure that the DP is NOT actively used by any of the clients. Otherwise the destination drive may have incomplete data.

3. During the process of transfer no packages are being distributed to that DP. Otherwise the destination drive may have incomplete data and data transfer might fail altogether leading to an unusable content library.

Syntax of Content Library Transfer exe

ContentLibraryTransfer.exe –SourceDrive <drive letter of source drive> –TargetDrive <drive letter of destination drive>

Example of Content Library Transfer exe

ContentLibraryTransfer –SourceDrive E –TargetDrive G

More details available @ System Center 2012 SP1 Configuration Manager Toolkit Help document (ToolkitHelp.docx)


  1. Hello, I tried to use this tool on my Primary site .actually sccmcontlib,smspkg and smspkgsig folders are located on D: drive , I want to move them on H: drive.
    Using “ContentLibraryTransfer.exe -SourceDrive D -TargetDrive H” give me errors:
    Invalid number of arguments specified
    One or more arguments are not correct.

    Any ideas of what I am missisg here ?

  2. Hi Anoop, Could you please tell the difference between SMSPKGSIG and SMSSIG folders, If I move SMSPKGSIG folder’s location from D to E drive then will there be any impact on existing packages?

  3. I was told by Microsoft not to use this tool. I tried it and it broke package distribution on my SCCM 2012 server.

  4. Louise I took your post onboard but tried it anyway on my SCCM 2012 SP1 build, errored at the end with updating WMI to remove Source Drive. As a result the Rpimary had outdated data on Distribution Point. I had to delete Dist Point and reset it up. Worth a try anyway but I wouldn’t try it again unless I was on SCCM 2012 R2


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