Best Method How to Remove Microsoft Intune Client

How to Remove Microsoft Intune Client? To uninstall the Microsoft Intune client from a device, the best method is to “Retire device” from Intune console.

When you retire a device from the admin console, a scheduled task is created on the local machine. The scheduled task will uninstall the Windows Intune Agent.

How to Remove Microsoft Intune Client

Updated on 19th June 2021 – I have seen an update about the manual cleanup of Microsoft Intune – Manually re-enroll a co-managed or Hybrid Azure AD Join Windows 10 PC to Microsoft Intune without losing current configuration | Maxime Rastello.

How to Remove Microsoft Intune Client
How to Remove Microsoft Intune Client

The second method to Uninstall or remove Microsoft Intune client from a machine is to use the scriptWindows_Intune_AIS_Uninstall_Scripts_Extractor.exe”. You can download the script here. The script is very useful when the client is not able to communicate with InTune services to get the “retire” policy.

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To get the removal script, you need to extract the “exe” mentioned above and then extract the CAB files. Once you extract the CAB files you will get all the scripts required to run this removal program. Go through the word document given in the removal package to get more details about uninstall process.

The script will remove the following components or programs used by Intune by this script.

Microsoft Intune
Microsoft Online Management Client
Microsoft Online Management Client Service
Microsoft Online Management Update Manager
Windows Intune Center
Microsoft Easy Assist
Microsoft Online Management Policy Agent
Windows Firewall Configuration Provider
Microsoft Policy Platform
Windows Intune Endpoint Protection
Windows Intune Endpoint Protection Agent
Windows Intune Monitoring Agent
System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Agent
Windows Intune Notification Service


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  1. Right, except that the ‘registration’ in Azure AD never worked. So then- I can’t go in and uninstall it via AD. There must be a client-side way to uninstall the Intune agent… right?


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