How to Stop Accidental SCCM ConfigMgr Rollout Traffic over WAN

Over the years we (SCCM admins) are waiting for “Big Red Button” feature which can help to stop all the accidental deployments, package replications over the WAN. Even I had a bad experience deploying office packages to remote DPs in Australia. During office hours, we deployed office package to Australia DPs and the WAN bandwidth was NOT very good. So SCCM started using 80% of the total bandwidth available for business users. All the business applications started getting performance issues like slowness and not responding etc. Natively, SCCM / ConfigMgr doesn’t have any mechanism to immediately stop the package replication or traffic over the WAN. However, we can have some work arounds to stop the SCCM WAN traffic. I don’t think  most of them are very effective.


The “big red button” is one of the most requested to feature in SCCM ConfigMgr. However this feature or button is not available in native SCCM /ConfigMgr. Adaptiva OneSite is Enterprise-class P2P technology is scalable, secure, and business-friendly product. Adaptiva OneSite 4.0 version has the most awaited featured “Big Red Button” available to PAUSE/RESUME SCCM traffic worldwide.  Adaptiva OneSite helps SCCM/ConfigMgr administrators instantly pause/resume all SCCM WAN traffic by pushing this button. When a SCCM admin initiated rollout accidently which needs to be stopped before it gets deployed on hundreds of thousands of systems, this “big red button” immediately halts all network activity worldwide.

If you’re attending TechEd Europe 2014 Barcelona, Spain, visit Adaptiva booth #87 to get more details about trade-in program with discounts up to 80% !!!

Big Red Button

Onesite WAN-Pause-Resume

Pictures Sources –> Adaptiva Onesite and be-rad

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4 thoughts on “How to Stop Accidental SCCM ConfigMgr Rollout Traffic over WAN”

  1. Hi Anoop, Can you pls assit in deleting active directory discovery account created in sccm2012 for disovering untrusted domain from our internal infra. SCCM server. When i navigate to Admin->Overview->Security->Accounts and right click “delete” is greyed out.

  2. Hi Anoop,

    The above post is really good news. As it is really difficult to stop a deployment. Can you please share a document exactly how can we use this tool. step by step process with an example in that document.

    Narayanan B


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