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Unsupported Features of SCCM

The post is all about the updated list of SCCM Unsupported features/SCCM Deprecated Features. Also, you will be able to check out the unsupported versions of SCCM client operating systems (Windows, Linux, Unix,etc..).

NOTE! – ConfigMgr Linux and Unix Clients Support are removed since SCCM 1902 version!

I’m not planning to cover the unsupported operating systems for SCCM site system/site server/SQL roles in this post.

Updated List of SCCM Unsupported Features/SCCM Deprecated Features

SCCM Unsupported FeaturesEnd of Support Date
DHA for conditional access compliance policiesVersion 1910
The Configuration Manager Company Portal appVersion 1910
SCCM CMG Classic Service DeploymentSCCM 1910
Windows Analytics and Upgrade Readiness integrationJanuary 31, 2020
SCEP (Defender) for Mac and Linux Clients31st Dec 2018
SCCM On-premises Conditional Access1st Sep 2019
SCCM Hybrid MDM (Intune)1st Sep 2019
SCCM Windows Hello for Business settings1st SCCM Release of 2020
SCCM Application Catalog SupportSCCM 1810
Old SCCM Software Center SupportSCCM 1802
SCCM VHD SupportSCCM 1710
SCCM Linux and Unix Clients SupportSCCM 1902
SCCM Windows 8 Client SupportSCCM 1802
SCCM Windows XP Client SupportSCCM 1511
Convert Disk to Dynamic – SCCM Task Sequence ActionSCCM 1710
Install Deployment Tools – SCCM Task Sequence ActionSCCM 1710
OSDPreserveDriveLetter – Task Sequence ActionSCCM 1606
SCCM NAP SupportSCCM 1511
SCCM Out of Band ManagementSCCM 1511

What is SCCM Deprecated Features? (
SCCM Removed Features )

The following is the official statement from Microsoft on SCCM deprecated features (SCCM Unsupported features/SCCM Deprecated Features). A feature, a product, or an operating system will be first listed as deprecated. The support for using it with SCCM is scheduled to be removed in a future version of SCCM.

  • Can’t use anymore?
  • Can use without support?

I would recommend not to use any deprecated feature of SCCM (Removed Unsupported SCCM Features). But, that doesn’t mean that unsupported SCCM client operating systems won’t work at all. You can take the risk of using some depreciated features and unsupported operating systems for SCCM clients.

NOTE! – Some of the deprecated features will be removed from GUI and there will be a hard block. Hence you won’t be able to use.

Microsoft doesn’t give any guarantee for these unsupported or depreciated features of SCCM. You might be able to make it work, but you won’t get any support from Microsoft, and they stopped developing that section of code in the product. But, (I assume) still most of the code will be there in the product itself.

There are some other deprecated features which can’t be used at all after the end of support date. For example, SCCM CMG creation via classic service deployment, this feature can’t be used by any of the SCCM admins. Why? The options for this feature will be removed from GUI itself.

NOTE! – So make sure, you start planning to move away SCCM deprecated features (SCCM Unsupported features/SCCM Deprecated Features) as soon as possible.

Deprecated or Unsupported Features via SCCM Management Insights

Most of these SCCM deprecated features (SCCM Unsupported features) will be highlighted via SCCM management insights within the SCCM console. This notification is helpful for SCCM admins to fine tune the SCCM environment.

Management Insights to Understand Unsupported Features

Following is some of the management insight rules about SCCM deprecated features (SCCM Unsupported features):

  • Unsupported antimalware client versions
  • SCEP for Mac and Linux end of support
  • Old (non-CB) SCCM Client Versions
  • Direct your user to software center instead of the application catalog
  • Use the new version of Software Center



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