Linux Unix SCCM Support is Dead Configuration Manager MEM

Linux Unix SCCM Support is Dead Configuration Manager ConfigMgr. Update – SCCM client support for Linux Unix Operating systems are already ended March 22, 2018. Microsoft SCCM team released the new production version of SCCM 1802.

I have a post and video that explains SCCM CB 1802 upgrade process, upgrade checklist, and new features. In this post, I wanted to share surprising information (but expected) about SCCM Linux UNIX support.

Do you have more questions about Linux UNIX SCCM support? What is Linux and Unix Management story from Microsoft?

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Microsoft announced great news Endpoint Manager Intune Linux Support. The MEM Intune Linux support is for Linux Desktop experience scenarios.  Endpoint Manager Intune Linux Support Details Not Chromebook Management HTMD Blog (

Future of SCCM Linux UNIX support?

I don’t think there is much future left in SCCM Linux UNIX support management from the SCCM side.

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Yes, it seems that (from the latest release note of production version SCCM CB 1802) Linux UNIX SCCM support is almost dead. Microsoft SCCM team confirmed that SCCM CB 1902 onwards they are not planning to include UNIX and Linux clients.

Microsoft intends to deprecate the Linux and UNIX client support in System Center Configuration Manager roughly one year from now, such that the clients will not be included in the SCCM 1902 release in early calendar 2019.

SCCM Linux UNIX support

Yes, SCCM CB 1802 and 1810 will have it’s UNIX and Linux SCCM clients. Are you using SCCM CB to manage Linux and UNIX servers? I have not seen many of us using this feature. If you are one of them, please start the migration plans for Linux and UNIX management. Linux UNIX SCCM support is almost dead from my perspective.

The SCCM (ConfigMgr) 1810 release, in late calendar 2018, will be the last release to include the Linux and UNIX clients.

Linux Unix SCCM Support is Dead Configuration Manager ConfigMgr
Linux Unix SCCM Support is Dead Configuration Manager ConfigMgr

What will happen to Existing UNIX and Linux Clients?

Microsoft will continue Linux UNIX SCCM support until the end of support dates of SCCM CB 1810. I think that is a good amount of time to make a strategy to migrate Linux and UNIX devices from SCCM management. The end of support announcement for SCCM Linux UNIX support.

I guess this will be one of the advantages of having telemetry data from SCCM. Microsoft can understand usability. I won’t be surprised to see very little usage of SCCM in Linux and UNIX world.

Linux Unix Management Options from Microsoft?

What are the Linux and Unix management options from Microsoft? I think the server management story from Microsoft is Operations Management Suite (OMS). OMS provides Automation, Log Analytics, Recovery services, and Security for Linux servers. But I’m not very sure about the deployment of applications and patches. SCCM Linux UNIX support is ended.

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Deprecation announcement for Linux and Unix client support – here


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4 thoughts on “Linux Unix SCCM Support is Dead Configuration Manager MEM”

  1. Hi Anoop!
    Ok, Microsoft wouldn’t include UNIX\Linux clients to new releases but can we continue to use current clients? As example, our company has a strong security rules and all computers should be managed only on-premise and Azure is not a solution for us.

  2. Hi Anoop,

    This is awful, since we leverage SCCM Device Collection to update dynamic group in Azure Update Management using SCCM to Azure Connector, what will replace dynamic groups for Linux, to either leverage SCCM or AD Groups to target for maintenance windows. Dynamic Grouping is to help leverage core services like SCCM and AD but for Linux this looks like a big gap in MS design plan.


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