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Configuration Manager Current Branch version 2002 (SCCM Baseline Version) is available as an in-console update and baseline version. SCCM version 2002 update is available for the infra that runs any of the following versions 190219061910. Let’s see how to get and download the latest version of SCCM installation media.

NOTE! – The media is available for the 2002 version (updated on 27th May 2020).

What is the Baseline Version of ConfigMgr (A.K.A)?

When you install the new ConfigMgr infrastructure, do you need a copy of the latest version of SCCM source files? Isn’t it? How did you get the latest version of supported source files?

So, basically, the SCCM source files which can be used to install new SCCM infrastructure are called the baseline version of ConfigMgr! Does that mean that the Baseline version of SCCM is the latest installation media? Yes, you can download installation media!

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New Configuration Manager (A.K.A SCCM) baseline version is released every year as part of 02 (February version release).

Why Use SCCM Baseline Version?

The following are the scenarios where you need to use the latest source files to install the Configuration Manager infrastructure.

The following table shall help you to understand what are the scenarios, you should use the baseline version of Configuration Manager.

ScenarioBaseline VersionIn-console UpdateCD.Latest Folder
New CAS Server        Yes        No        No
New Standalone Primary Server        Yes        No        No
Migration from SCCM 2012        Yes        No        No
New Site Existing Hierarchy        No        No        Yes
Restore Site        No        No        Yes
Upgrade Existing Hierarchy        No        Yes        No
Why to Use Baseline version – ConfigMgr Installation Media

Download SCCM Baseline Version of ConfigMgr

You can download the latest production version (Baseline Media = Installation Media) from any of the following Microsoft offerings:


NOTE! – The latest version of the Baseline version of SCCM is 2002.

More Details about VLSC Download Installation Media

The baseline media is available as part of the following releases on the Volume License Service Center (VLSC):

  • System Center Config Mgr (current branch) (This is supposed to be changed somewhere in the near future – “Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager”)
  • System Center 2016 Datacenter
  • System Center 2016 Standard

Let’s see the example, search the VLSC for System Center Config Mgr (current branch). Find the baseline media in the list of files, and download it for that release.

SCCM Baseline Version - Installation Media - Configuration Manager
SCCM Baseline Version – Installation Media – Configuration Manager

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